RIP Robin Williams

i just need a buneary can anyone hook me up?

107 days till hoenn
Hyped for the Hoenn Grand Prix!!!

If anyone has a flying friend safari that has tropius in it, would anyone be kind enough to catch one with harvest? I don&

I dont care about nature or stats, i just need one with speed boost i dont have much to offer, but name your price and i&a

164 days till hoenn

] ★☆

I want my HOENN
The day I stop getting hyped about hoenn is the day I die.
hoenn remakes have forsaken me

] ★☆

If you have a 5/6iv hippo with impish nautre and stealth rocks please let me know and i'll tell you all my offers! I have

I need choice specs, choice scarf, choice band, air balloon, focus sash I can offer

] ★☆

don't care about stats or anything Name what you want for one, no outrageous wants please (even tho it's a pokebank

needs to have 5/6IVs 31/31/31/x/31/31 adamant nature and huge power

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