My Ditto Safari is back! Probably not as popular as before, but that's ok. :) _Safari Status: ONLINE_ PLEASE READ

Does anyone know if others are still able to access your friend safari if you have ORAS in the 3DS instead of XY? I'm

Gone for the weekend

Hi all, I'm trying to flush out my bug collection. Few requirements: _ Level 1 prefferred, some I will only accept

So I just found a bug in game, not game breaking or anything, but as a programmer myself it caught my attention, so I decided

Offering anything from my Let's keep this thread for just these starters

So I've recently updated my trade list, and have had some large shiny trades fall through, so I've got about 75 pok&a

Hi all, I'm trying to flush out my bug collection. Few requirements: _ Level 1 only please Kalos Bred preferred, s

Everyone's got the Adamant one (even me),espicially since there's mass clone giveaways going on. I'm looking f

So yea... normally I don't do clone trades but I'll make an exception for this :P Here's my List -> http://

Was under the impression we still had a few dayds to go. Just thought I'd check with the experts ;)

Looking for a shiny, Lv 1 Cyndaquil! (perferably competative, but I'm not exactly picky). Offering up anything in my

Hi Everyone! It's time to post my list again! I decided to make it a bit nicer, now you only have to look at the googl

_Hey all, I'm opening up my Ditto (+Minccino & Teddiursa) Safari again!_ _Safari Status: OPEN_ A few Rules to n

Getting away from Pokemon for awhile. I'll be back I'm sure, but I need a break. Thanks all.

So, I need 74 more entries to complete my dex. I have no desire to obtain any of these pokemon for "keeps", I just

Hey everyone, I'm going to post my shiny list here. _PLEASE don't PM me._ If you absolutely have to because the voice

I've got a Shiny Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon to give away. You know the drill, Pick a number 1 through 10. Post wh

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