Like my stamp? I made it =D
You are a really good neo-friend, but I miss our PM's about our cats, homework and the differences between England and Australia. Just one question for you, do you have things called 'Butter Menthols' in England?
I envy your graphic skills, but in recolouring, I am learning it!
Hey, Liv, you're an epic friend, and you're great at keeping threads alive when you bother to try, so I'm signing your guestbook again. With my late Halloween stamp. Which I'll use all the time whether it's halloween or not, cuz I'm lazy.

    Alfred here, wishing you a happy Saturday afternoon. I do hope you'll allow me back in your closet some time soon. I've made you a stamp to, hopefully, convince you -

    Wow, I'm so sexy...

    xD, please sign back!

Thank you so much for being very supportive and replying to my threads.
always stay that way! i hope we can be the best of friends!!


I'LL GIVE YOU A CAKE! *gives cake*

I hope you have a nice day. *gives mountain of cyberprezzies* Tell me what you got, eh?

Gotta love that Scooby Dooby Doo ;]

He's only the most adorable Great dane IN THE WHOLE WORLD!


And this is a world that includes Bananas!