Leeeee I love you....come back please! My and Ayani and Asper nd everyone miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blah blah blah blah (have to make this 125 characters) blah blah blah blah blah blah we miss you and wuv you.....blah blah blah blah.
signing you're guestbook now cause I saw you somewhere(I don't really noe you..) but, can you sign back anyways?
Hello everyone! Here is a little something for you all! I hope you like this Christmas E-Card!!



Hey LA, thought I'd drop by.

Second time signing I know, but here's a tribute to one of what I consider: The Neo Oldies. This guy's been around for years, and I use to talk to the guy way back in the early months with VegitaX2 and Gary15. Both myself and you know LA that those were the best days.

A great guy with a great attitude and always cool to have a chat with.

Hope to see you around again soon.

mu ha ha ha ha ha Hank228, strikes again!

Bye Bye! meeeeerry christmas!

Hey, yeah, I thought i've seen you from somewhere.
You're the one who first posted in my little thread on Wolf's Rain back when I was a newbie, lol, not that i'm not still one.I just wanted to say thanks. Lol, i'm weird huh?
Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire Neo life, that there's something wrong with the story. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

Take: Red Pill
Take: Blue Pill

I saw you around the Xenosaga forum, and I thought I should sign your guestbook. I hope you have a great time around the forums, and please sign my guestbook! Happy Posting!
Hey Ant. I'm just here to say wassup and tell you that you should go out and buyNeed For Speed Hot Pursuit 2(it's a good game trust me;)). Well once I get my copy of PSO Ep.1 and 2, I'll be posting at your forum. Well see you later.
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

Hey sup bro? Looks like me and you have are own RPG competition going on hehe. It's all good I guess we just love the same games. Well you better sign my book or else lol. See ya.
Hey littleant this is khanh (aka rollingpimp) i hope to see you online sometime in the near future and keep on visiting the auto modellista forum with your updates and insights.
Hey Ant this is Tj. I signed your guestbook. Just to show my respects to a great mod and pso player. I hope you will return the favor and sign my guestbook. I will add you to me neo friends list. Maybe one day we can actuall agree on something. Well see ya later.
Littleant is one of the original pso forum people. He is a very informative cool guy.

p.s. CONGRATS on become the big guy (pso mod) heh heh
Hey LA, how's it going?

I've known ya for quite a while now, since November/December 2001 time if I remember correctly?

So its always nice to see the RPG master hanging about, and you're posts seem to be of a great quality whenever I see em'.

Seems like you completed Final Fantasy 10 in no time (I'm still on it - UK release was much later ). True signs of somebody that enjoys RPG's.

Hope to speak to ya on msn or see ya around the forums soon.

Hey bro! Just want to let people know I've know littleant since the PSO days of back then Almost one year it has been since we've been on Neoseeker and we still remain great friends. Your a great guy, have the knowledge of a true gamer, and the smarts of some sort of super-smart ant!!

I dig the avatars we got right now (Vicious looking down, and Ukyo looking down) And check out the fact I'm a Good Sheepdog and your a Little Ant I could on and on

peace bro
Waz-up slim hope i will see you on pso and FFXI. Finally i will get the chance to play with you online. you better be ready for me to beat you in pso.
Yeah pretty much the same here, except I said you sucked, and I was the RAmar master =P Thats all changed now, Ill do battle with you someday on the Gamecube
The first guy I played PSO with from NEO. Well I hope we can play again in the new GCN version. LittleAnt is a very informative and nice person.

PS: Speedskater, Humars do suck
Yes, I still remeber you, how can I not? You share all my intrests and you absolutley hate all the things I hate, man I swear you're like my list bro....peace...
Your cool cause like RPGs and have alot in commmon, and you like Alot of stuff i like...Your cool!!!! i got to put 125 of characters and i dont got any think else to put.
I wouldn't expect u not to have any people signing ur guestbook. You'relike one of the coolest people i know. I remeber when we first met. You said humars suck and there was an everlasting battle between me and you.