A present from me to you!

i know you dont know me... but i just kinda read youre profile thing... and you know the whole sugar/ acne thing? sugar helps my acne... isnt that weird?
Hello kitty kat! Have you found out about the other glass case in the rat cave? the one next to the other glass case that holds the rat suit? I don't know what it's 4.

Lil AC - Holly
Hell, I'm just signing by random so well hmmm what else yeah nice avatar and banner, and I hope you enjoy this pic of FOB.
You can pm me if you'd like to.(notice I ain't forcingXD)

Dance, Dance
We're falling apart to half time
Dance, Dance
And these are the lives you'd love to lead

Dance this is the way they'd love (way they'd love)
Dance this is the way they'd love (way they'd love)
Dance this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me

Dance, Dance
Dance, Dance
Dance, Dance
Dance, Dance
Thankyou for going on my thread i'll add you as my friend!!! And how do you custonise all this how do you get photo's, i'm new to this so can you help me?
Hey cuz wats up? LOL idk y i'm writing you this when your already here with me, but i figured i should since u helped me get this. Lohv ya lotz cuz!!!!<3 U should change ur name on myspace to Brookie, well i think so anyways.
Hey Little kitty Kat how ya been.
Just got bored so i thought i'd sign your guestbook along with a bunch of other guys...piece out!

Yours trully the annoying irish bloke Patton!
Kitty kat:
Even thought i don't know you and you don't know me. I felt that i was realy going to like u. U know like friends or something like that. I had a feeling like if i already knew you i don't know why! You seem pretty cool. Well bye i guess.
hey. thanks for signing. im doing great here. hope you too. i agree with you. no one likes their teachers . well, thanks again!
Kingdom Hearts Crazy apparently would have made me sign this if he knew I was on the KH2 forums (unless his sig lies )

So hi, sing back, and be my friend, or emo cat will come and stalk you!
hey I've seen you around alot so I thought I'd sign your guestbook and I also want to say Welcome to Neoseeker and Welcome to the Riddle Game

hi little kitty cat,windows xp has now got a patch for theme park world.get theme park world on ebay now!just thought i could sign your guestbook.
hi hows it going?
thanks for singing my guestbook
im trying to tall my friend that she likes one of my cousin but it isnt work. but me and all of my other friends know that its true
I saw your name and Im tring to make new friends oh and

You just got stamped!!!!!!
hey i've seen you around welcome to neoseeker!!! lol i looked at when you said "i figured what the hell" and started laughing cuz i always ssay that. anywayyyz my names danielle and we should talk more! we need more girls on here, lol.

hey just signing because you asked and what do you mean what the hell!?