i dont really know what to include here so ill just tell you whatever comes to mind ^_^. im currently a student but spend a lot of my time online cuz i get homework done quickly. i also have a gamecube with wich to play zelda games, and an x-box with wich to play fable. i am also getting a playstation two with wich to play games. surprisingly, my weekends are most busy so thats when you wont find me on neoseeker. if you ever want to find me in any forums, check the harvest moon: a wonderful life forums. also, if you want to i.m. me for any reason then my yahoo is nick_lebowski.


my favorite games are; any of the monkey island games, fable, harvest moon, and grim fandango. i enjoy chatting with friends on the internet, and climbing stuff (i once climbed a full grown palm tree. yes i realize thats odd ~_^)
What i like best about the tech world... im not sure. there is too much to choose from.


i might become a moderator! stay tuned for results ^_~.

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