Me? You don't wanna know. Well if you really want to know here it is. I'm an 11 year old boy, although I'm not some stupid snot nose little *Bleeeeeeep*. Sorry about that, anyways about me. I live in a medium sized house, I have two dogs, four cats, and one baby brother, yeah, he counts as an animal. I have a good personality but my anger can explode like a volcano. Poetic, huh? One more thing I can think of, neofriends.
Well here they are:

Aussie Legend

He's the neobf of my best friend in real life, sapphirekat. He's an alright guy, although I don't really speak to him.

Best player ever

He's cool, I like him, and he's good with word games. He's a good friend. Plus he's my best neo friend and neo bro. Plus recently he's been helping me with dating advice.

Blue Frost
He's really cool. And very good on roleplays. He's a cool best friend, and nice. Plus he's my neo bro. He's yosh rider, but he made a new account.


She's the sister of my best friend, Blue frost. We've started speaking alot more now though.


He's one of the 3 people I know that are in England. I know him quite a bit, we just don't talk much.


She's fun, loves zelda, just like me. Also fun on roleplays. Another good friend. One of the three people who live in England like me.


Ah, one of my favourites.(No I'm not gay) He's cool with roleplays, I know him from two. Another good friend. Shame he's had to go I miss him so much.


She's a great friend. I know her from TS's. We have alot of spam battles also.

Gray Shadow

She's really cool and nice. I think she likes me as a friend. Still, a very nice friend.


She's cool, cool on roleplays aswell. She's fun and a best friend.

Hyrule King

He's the best friend in real life of my best friend on neo. Woah that was a mouthful lol. I know him quite well actually and he is kinda one of my best friends. if we talked some more he'd probably be definate.


She's fun, and has a very creative imagination. She's your average school kid, but still a cool friend.


He asked to be friends awhile back, we don't speak much though.


I signed her gb ages ago, when I first joined actually. Don't even speak to her at all though.

Lone Assasin

I started speaking to her ages ago. But since, i haven't spoken to her at all. Also awhile back groundshaker was neo stalking her, and their quite a good pair. Personally I think they should be neo bf/gf.


He ordered me to do this. He ran v.4 twilight spy on the wii forum. He's a good person.

My Apocalyspe

Don't particulary know her, just know her from roleplays.

Princess Midna

^ ^
Same as before, roleplays.

Twilit sheep

He's one of my friends. I know him a little but not much. And he's on my rp.

zoo zom

Last, but so definelty not least, we have zoo zom. She's fun and a good friend and gf. A very nice girl and only I know her real name. Love ya zoo zom. She is my sweety and i don't know what i could do without her. xx

Oh yeah if your one of my neo friends and your not in here yet it's because I'm not done with it yet.

Neo family

Neo bro's: Yoshi rider, princeofice, bluepikky24 best player ever

Neo sisters: pikachu_2006

Neo sister in law: no one

Neo wife: No one damnit

Ok, this took ages to type, and I feel very sorry for those of you that read it. Anyways, if you did read all of it, thanks!


video games, obviously, the legend of zelda series, roleplays, fishing, football, and sitting on my backside stuffing my face. But, no I'm not fat, although I should be. Well, I would be if I didnt have fast matabilism.


quote Wu Tang Forever
then buy 10 copies of COD4 and driveby his house with them, making sure to throw copies through his window that are on fire while yelling
"you wanted call of duty.... I'LL GIVE YOU CALL OF DUTY YOU *bleep*ING NOB" problem solved

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