Lots of catching up to do. DragonFable PC
Actually pretty good. Though I'm probably going to need that EXP booster in this game more than other games. MechQuest PC
Ehh, it didn't have much of a lifespan, but I was a beta-player here. So there's that. WarpForce PC
AC's,AC's,AC's, rares everywhere Despite being a rare item hunter, I'm rather fazed by this development that's been happening for years.. AdventureQuestWorlds PC
Times may change, but this game will always be amongst my personal favorites. AdventureQuest PC
Has it really been that long since I got the game...? TheSimpsonsHitandRun GC
A nice beat-em-up sidescroller-ish game. I wish I owned the prequel too ViewtifulJoe2 GC
Despite what others say, I actually like this game :) TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles GC
I dunno. I'm too lazy to get all 10 paths ShadowTheHedgehog GC
All I've got left is training. Probably a side quest or two I missed. PokemonBlackVersion DS
Beautiful graphics for a DS game. Currently on my NewGame+ run with Providence Crystals. Okamiden DS
Rerunning the entire thing. Migrated all my Poke's in my 8 year old file to SoulSilver...nostalgia attack. PokemonRuby GBA
My goodness, 2 years since the last update. I've pretty much got every class to 3rd job, except Night Walkers and Thunder Breakers MapleStory PC
So all that's left is the Battle Frontier and getting my Pokemon to 100...collecting them all takes too long...:| PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
The world is out to get me.
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