Obtained all 16 badges, in process of completing pokedex PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
Beaten on all dificulties and all intels collected, in progress for multiplayer titles and emblems CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
completed on all dificulties, side missions completed DevilMayCry4 PS3
story line complete over 80% of side missions completed CrisisCoreFinalFantasy7 PSP
story line for each character complete DissidiaFinalFantasy PSP
all characters story completed alternate costumes unlocked TheKingOfFighters2006 PS2
completed on all dificulties unlocked all weapons infinate ammo, all BSSA emblems and treasures found ResidentEvil5 X360
All trophies completed, side missions, and beaten on all dificulties BatmanArkhamAsylum X360

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