I haven't blogged for a while. Currently i'm looking for a new job cause i want a ps vita even more. PES 2012 and FF Tactics(PSP) are running all time on PSP. Can't wait for EURO 2012. Winter this year is pretty rough. Mostly temperature was very low about -20 C and now is snow attack. About 2 feet snow fell and now its melting and is freaking horrible.

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New job, less money, more free time. Finished good old Diablo. Resign from school didn't finished though. 7th season of how i met your mother and 5th season of big banh theory cames so i'm quite happy;]. And made tatto ;P.

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One of the worst day in my life, my good friend has died. It was a suicide. I am shocked. I talked with him few days earlier. He was such a good friend, always laughing. I have only one question WHY?? . We'll never get answer.


I've decided to signout from my collegium geographicum, i wasted 4 years though. Now i'm looking for a good job. Driving license, car, some cash and maybe i'll go abroad. I don't have time for playing games. I have some bad days lately. Watching TV all day when out is almost like in Spain.


I've passed all exams. Only need to gather all signs in my index-book. Working, working, working(5 month in one job, i never been working in one job for this long). Still didn't progress with my diploma work. Playing Motorstorm: Arctic Edge and MHF Unite. I got nominated in 2 categories. Thanks guys i really appreciate this. Tomorrow i'm going with friend on casting. He qualified to Comedy Central Stand Up casting and i think tomorrow will be a lot of fun :D. My every free time i'm spending on neoforum and watching Big Bang Theory(awesome[Sheldon rules]).

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Bought a dog recently. She is amstaff. I figured a name with little help King of The Ice. I'm taking break from Resistance:Retribution. Now playing Motorstorm: Arctic Edge(i bought it after i got some cash) and finishing 7* nekhots quest. Next challange will be all 6* quests in guild.

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Sad days. My grandmother passed away. Yesterday funeral took place. Also I failed an exam and have to work a lot lately. I have to move forward and get through this tough days. Maybe new month will bring something better.

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Didn't write here for some time. So i already hate my boring part-time job, decided that after i finish university i'm going to army. That could sounds insane but i think it'll be best choice. Today i finished ghost of sparta and gonna start resistance which i borrow from my friend. Get some progress with my study work. Christmas ar over, know i'm waiting for new year party(i don't have strength cause i have 2 day party, drink too much). See you next time!

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Finally finished all things about repeating a year at university. Took me a while to do this. I'm not so satisfied cause they add me 4 more exams. I got year and only 5 subjects so i think i'll make it. The most free time, i spend with MHF Unite. This game is great, just can't stop playing :D.

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I'm so busy i don't have time to post something here. I'm doing some paper stuff for repeating a year in school. And with new month starts i'm going to work. Maybe PS3 for Christmas eve?? What else just moved from MHF to MHF Unite.

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I didn't write here for long time. So many things happened some goods some bads. I broke bone in my left hand but i didn't go to see a doctor. It is fine now but my hand looks different than right. Anyway i failed my University and have to repeat year. Beacause i was lazy i will have to pay for this. Now i'm looking for a job. I thought i got one but i have to refuse. But working as a cancvasser isn't for me. Tomorrow i have another job conversation. I wonder what kind of job they will offer me this time. Just finished GoW:CoO and now playing PES 2009.

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At last i got my money for my twisted knee almost 700 PLN so its almost 200 euro. Unfortunatly i got many debts so i almost get rid of my money in one day :/ . Fortunatly i'm going to work tomorrow so my funds will feel better. I need to buy some bigger memory card for my psp and some clothes and shoes. I think i'll fail school and will need to reapet one semester. Also some good party will have place at sunday :D.


Long time since i have been here. My PC get crazy. Just received it from repair. LOL i realized that i can't live without the internet, i'm addicted from it. I think i'm gonna fail 3 years of collegue. I still don't write a work for diploma. I started but i stopped again. Hope it gonna work and i'll finish it or 3 years will go for nothing.


So, short vacation at the sea was great. Crazy ideas came to our heads(jackass alike). Weather wasn't so bad. Now i have to really get to work to finish collegue, find a job and get my insurance for knee accident. Also got other problem but i hope i'll resolve it...


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