Chelskiman lfc 2004
Dec 19, 06 10:07am

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

See you around mate
TVI lfc 2004
Dec 19, 06 2:11am
Have a stamp for your troubles. Its not quite a christmas present, but it will have to do...

Have a good festive holiday period :-).
nando lfc 2004
May 16, 06 4:27am
You support a great team so Im signing your guestbook! Keep up the good work on the forums.

Reason lfc 2004
Nov 3, 05 2:22am
Haven't spoken to you for a while, and since Im waiting for someone else to post in the UK forum( ) thought I'd sign yours.

Please sign back.
Cmm lfc 2004
Nov 3, 05 2:17am
Thanks for the openion which i was asking you about anyway keep it going with pes.
Guerra07 lfc 2004
Sep 30, 05 2:58am
Hey, thought i would sign your Gbook becasue i have seen you around the forums alot and you seem pretty funny! hope you sign back and i'll see you around!
Sweeney lfc 2004
Sep 22, 05 3:18am
Hey lfc. I was sure I'd signed this before, but it appears not. Anyway, keep up the good posting on the forums mate. I'll see you around.

Clowney lfc 2004
Aug 17, 05 9:15pm
You are by far the main contributor to the PES5 Forum, so I stamp teh G-book:

Tommo lfc 2004
Aug 16, 05 5:03pm
Yo lfc2004, i thought i'd signed a Guestbook but then realised i hadn't so then I did. Anyway i'm doing so cos you write alot for the PES forums which is good especially for the PES5 one where you've especially done alot. I'll see ya around mate and keep posting.

sign back please!

wholikeswood lfc 2004
Jul 20, 05 10:13pm
I'd like to congratulate you on your maturity.

After we almost got off on the wrong foot, you very kindly apologised for any misunderstanding.

So thank you.

I look forward to seeing you go from strength to strength in these forums.
gamer lfc 2004
Jun 13, 05 2:25am
Hey dude, thanks for your oppinion on my posts and thanks for stamp my book..

So here is something i just made a few hrs ago, enjoy and i'll c ya around

samel_25 lfc 2004
Jun 12, 05 3:03am
Hi im signing your guestbook because you signed mine. I am going to be posting a lot more in the other threads when i get round to it.
Chelskiman lfc 2004
Jun 9, 05 10:46pm
Hello LFC2004
thanx for siging my GB
thanx for the kind words about Chelsea winnin the prem
spose im gonna have to say congrats on Liverpool being Euro Champs
anyways keep on posting cause all your contributions are great!!!
Wonderland_10 lfc 2004
Jun 4, 05 12:59pm
Hey LFC. Thanks for signing my guestbook. Keep on posting in the PES forum
TVI lfc 2004
Jun 1, 05 2:48am
Keep up the posting LFC. This forum needs more people like you :-P.

I compiled my list of youngsters in the ML (finally) - I just posted it.
minimint lfc 2004
May 31, 05 3:47am
Hey thanks for signing my G-book (twice). I'll sign it even though your a liverpool fan who knocked out chelsea :@. Seen you posting in the PES forums aswell. Thats all i have to say so there we go
Nikey Kid lfc 2004
May 30, 05 1:48am
wass up, seen you round the forums and your doin really good!, also what do think of arsenal?

have a good time at neosseker,

p.s could you sign mine now?
Super Spencer lfc 2004
May 28, 05 4:45am
Thanks for signing my guestbook lfc 2004. Of course I was supporting Liverpool in the final. I wanted an English club to win it and they have. Well done Liverpool!!!!!!
Simon_Liverpoolfc lfc 2004
May 25, 05 1:45am
Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook, always good to see more LIverpool fans around. Also i hope that we dont get a new sponser i've got really attached to our Carlsberg one:(

P.S, add me to your neofriends thingy;)