My name is Noah. Some of my nicknames; torc, leprechaun, tall fry. I am 5' 6" tall. I love the martial arts, anime and manga. I want to live in either Japan, Ireland or Alaska. I'm single. I'm 12, if you believe me (some don't). I'm really laid back and people say I joke around too much, but it just makes things more fun. Thats all I can think to mention, but if you like anime and/ or you wanna talk 530 918 4308, thats my ipods #, if I trust you I'll give you my real one. And I have no problem with people contacting me, with out knowing them first. The more friends you got, the better life is, aslong as you are close.


I love the legend of zelda games
I read only fantasy and manga.
I love anime.
I skateboard, rollerblade, and I wanna do BMX.
I play all the different types of base.
I love all the martial arts, I have done tae-kwan-do and I'm trying to start kendo (money).


Noah T.

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