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Not a day passed since confirmation of Zangief's return to Street Fighter V, and the fighting game... posted Oct 02, 15 11:20am

Update: Xbox Live serves are coming back up over the last hour. No doubt the support team will... posted Oct 01, 15 2:18pm

Capcom confirms at the IgorMir gaming event in Russia today that Zangief from Street Fighter... posted Oct 01, 15 10:31am

We take it quite a few of you have been waiting for an honest to goodness BattleTech title since... posted Sep 30, 15 11:56am

It seemed a little too good to be true when Atlus promised Persona 5 would see release this year... posted Sep 17, 15 3:19pm

Rainbow Mika won't the only representative from Street Fighter Alpha 3 to make a long-awaited... posted Sep 17, 15 12:55pm

Sony remains confident it can do justice to next generation virtual reality so when the company's... posted Sep 15, 15 3:23pm

Madden NFL 16 was well received by critics when it hit the field last month, and it would appear... posted Sep 11, 15 10:59am

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Hyperdimension Neptunia has proven to be one JRPG series that Idea Factory has little reservations... posted Sep 02, 15 2:06pm

With Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sneaking out in the open at last, the time was right for... posted Sep 02, 15 1:07pm

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While the North American Street Fighter V beta is underway for fans who pre-ordered the title on... posted Aug 31, 15 11:50am

Thanks to an early reveal from PlayStation Italy this morning, we now know that Capcom will be... posted Aug 27, 15 12:05pm

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Batman: Arkham Knight launched back in June and has already become one of the top selling titles... posted Aug 13, 15 5:44pm

Fallout Shelter has finally gone live on the Google Play store earlier today, bringing the... posted Aug 13, 15 1:21pm

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