Bethesda confirms that players who pre-order Dishonored 2 ahead of the November 11th retail launch... posted 8 hours ago

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Sep 9, 16 3:52pm
Sep 9, 16 12:35pm

In a disappointing update for PlayStation 4 gamers, Bethesda at last reveals that it will no... posted Sep 9, 16 10:42am

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Exclusive Pokemon won't be the only the only major version difference between Pokémon Sun and... posted Sep 6, 16 12:47pm

Niantic confirms one of its first feature updates for Pokémon GO this autumn will indeed be Buddy... posted Sep 2, 16 1:04pm

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will support the upcoming PlayStation VR headset via a special game... posted Sep 2, 16 11:31am

Aug 31, 16 1:40pm

With virtual reality technology finally getting in the hands of mainstream consumers via the posted Aug 31, 16 1:02pm

CCP Games today reveals its plans to introduce a degree of free-to-play access for EVE Online as... posted Aug 31, 16 11:16am

The PlayStation 4 version of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will soon be getting a new mode called "VR... posted Aug 29, 16 1:51pm

Aug 25, 16 1:39pm

Microsoft's Xbox One has regained the crown for top selling home console at U.S. retail during... posted Aug 23, 16 10:20am

Aug 22, 16 2:38pm

Update: Eurogamer pulled its footage of what was reportedly the boot sequence for the new PS4 slim... posted Aug 22, 16 12:21pm

The wait for the retail release of Final Fantasy XV has grown just a tad longer, but Square Enix... posted Aug 16, 16 2:13pm

Aug 15, 16 2:45pm
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The rumors that emerged toward the end of last week proved true, as Square Enix today confirmed... posted Aug 15, 16 10:23am

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