legendary one
Apr 22, 16 2:51pm
Rest in Peace Prince. "Its such a shame our friendship had to end..."
legendary one
Apr 21, 16 11:36am
I am back to playing Runescape
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Mar 27, 16 6:06pm


I am having some problems with my game. bought gold edition off of steam this weekend. it pops up the AC logo with gears and

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Jan 28, 16 6:59pm


I'm needing a level 1 male Cyndaquil. Wiling to trade Totodile level 1. Note: Cyndaquil must be named Fighter ^for my b

legendary one
Aug 29, 15 5:44pm
XBL: DoG Ragamuffin
legendary one
Feb 14, 15 7:04am
I miss how Neo used to be. I can only hope we rise again to be veeeery popular
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Dec 20, 13 1:41am


Which side did you choose and why?

legendary one
Jan 01, 13 12:10pm


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