RougeLeader legendary master
Oct 1, 03 8:10pm
Hey legendary master! Whats going on? Thats cool how you are in to Pokemon like me. Hopefully we can talk some more on the forums!
zcaliber legendary master
Sep 30, 03 9:51am
hey wut up yoz!? im the 4th one to sign your guestbook yipee!!

dont listen 2 this stuff its just to get over the limit (why does it have to do this!! 125 character cmon cant you just put like as much as you want jeez...)

Hi legendary master it is me Super Saiyan 3 mew i am the third to sign your guest book and it is great to see you in your new acccount.

P.S:I am going on vacation.You wont see me online for a week. see ya.

From super Saiyan 3 mew
pokefanatic legendary master
Sep 25, 03 5:52am
hi piccolo errr... legendary master sorry. umm im really glad your starting up pbc again. yay im the second to sign your gb. can you please sign mine again since you changed user names. thanks.

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duskull legendary master
Sep 24, 03 1:20pm
hi, legendary master.

im the first to sign your guestbook. coool