Welcome to leDinx' Halloween Shiny Mega Gengar Codes Giveaway ! I have 2 extra codes for this Event and I wish to offe

_The Pokémon OR/AS Header & Footer Contest!_ http://pokemonareawesome400.wikispaces.com/file/view/T_T_M.jpg/31659

The Pokémon X and Y Safari Header/Footer Contest!Hey guys! Mouldy Cheese and I thought we could use a new header as well as footer for the forum and we've decided a contest would be the best way to give everyone here an opportunity to get thos...

Vivillon Patterns CollectionI'm looking to collect all different local pattern Vivillon. I prefer eggs because that way the Vivillon will have my ID and OT. I'll trade an egg for an egg.Only legit, please :)What I need:Polar PatternTundra Patt...

Hey ! If you have one of these in your safari, please add me: _4699-6430-9243 _ Grass : _Pansage_, _Swadloon_ Poison :

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