tom111 latino supastar
Aug 05, 05 11:12pm
Thought I would sign your GB. You seem cool. See you round neoseeker.^__^ I have no stamp at the moment so all I can give you is a smiley.
Team Xtreme latino supastar
Jul 22, 05 5:16pm

Thanks for signing my guestbook and helping me reach 10 pages!
Janembuu latino supastar
Jul 19, 05 6:37am

Hey. Consider yourself...STAMPED!!!!! See ya around.
Kid Clutch latino supastar
Jul 09, 05 4:26am
Hey dude, just signing your g-book and showing you my new stamp. Because if you saw last week's Raw, you should've seen that Hogan got:

Take care.
tommy 34 latino supastar
Jul 09, 05 2:46am
haven't spoken to you in awhile anyways heres a stamp i made. hope you enjoy........................

Dragonfist latino supastar
Jul 02, 05 1:22pm
I remember you signing my guestbook a quite a while ago. Sorry I took so long to sign back. Anyway,let me cut right to the chase.

See you around!
Linkmiester latino supastar
Jun 25, 05 6:12am
Ive seen you around the MGS: SE forums and I wanted to thank you for helping me get through those scientists. I saw your banner and it took me right here.So thanks and hopefully you sign back.

Anyway, You've been...
The Doctor latino supastar
Jun 24, 05 6:18am
Hi LS, hows it going. I clicked on your banner & it directed me here so here I am, Signing your g/Book.

Sign back if you want
HIFK latino supastar
Jun 22, 05 12:58am
i was checking out the forums and i got into DMW's guestbook and saw that you said thanks for the bday signs from DMW so i thounght that i could do that same, so happy bday.. im sorry that it came this late
tommy 34 latino supastar
May 22, 05 5:16pm
well sorry i couldn't get to this earlier but here you go happy birthday. happy bithday to you, happy birthday to you, how old are you knowwwwww, happy birthday to you!!
SunnyDelight latino supastar
May 20, 05 9:30am
I decided to sign your guestbook so here`s a stamp!
AprilAKitty latino supastar
May 08, 05 6:01pm
I can't believe I didn't sign this thing for your birthday! I so hate myself for not doing so! Well, in return for your forgivness I hope you will except this present for you from yours truly:

Inuyasha ROX!!

I hope you had a great birthday, and a happy day indeed ^^

Signed and stamped by the very very cute
venom latino supastar
May 07, 05 9:27pm
Happy birthday a few days ago? I have not been online lately and so I only just found out. It is my birthday next wednesday as well, how old are you? I am turning 16. Oh well, sign back if you want, bye.
Charlie Haas latino supastar
May 07, 05 5:25pm
Happy Birthday bro........ hope it was a good day for you! Well, chat to me sometime in PM, until then, have fun with the pressies!
pac4ever latino supastar
May 07, 05 5:38am
Have a happy birthday and mine's on the same day:)

Brogeta latino supastar
May 07, 05 4:26am
Sorry i Screwed it up man guess you get two signs

Well Happy Birthday

Brogeta latino supastar
May 07, 05 4:24am
You Get to test my new stamp

Well Happy Birthday

DMW latino supastar
May 07, 05 12:15am
well dude I heard it was your happy birthday, so i came here to sign your guestbook. I hope we can become friends in the future.[color=navy]

Sit Down Have Some Tatar Salad
metallica rules latino supastar
May 06, 05 9:59pm
Happy birthday for ? whenever your birthday was. Hope you had a good time!
...oh yeah, don't forget to sign back.
Miss Razz latino supastar
May 06, 05 9:18pm

Hey, Latino Superstar. Just signing your guestbook, and I hope you had a great birthday.

[orignator=forums]Todays birthdays: blar, blar, blar, latino supastar, blar, blar...
Well, seeing as it says it there, happy birthday.

Hopefully you will enjoy your day and stuff, have fun, have cake and I'll moan again soon.

Sign back, erm.. please.
The_Mini_Giant latino supastar
Apr 15, 05 12:22am
got enough GB entries?well heres one more to add to the list.hope you like the stamp, a fellow dbz fan like you should appreciate the coolness of my stamp,lol.
Charlie Haas latino supastar
Mar 19, 05 10:59am
Sup Latino, this is so late its not funny ey! No stamp, sorry!
The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
Deabeat latino supastar
Mar 17, 05 9:10am
hey man... last time I signed your g-book, I didn't show a stamp so now i shall show you one!!!

The Rock says that Chris Benoit is 4 real!!! And that's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!!!
LowRidder latino supastar
Mar 06, 05 6:47am
Hey, you're a cool guy, anyways have a stamp and sign back when you can.

BTW: Do you like the text. :)