Thanks for stamping me. As you did I'll stamp you, though my stamps aren't that good (I hope you like animals ):

Here you go, I see your crappy stamp has updated too. =P
I ment to sign your guestbook ages ago... oh well:

Last time i didn't have a stamp sooooo...

Credit to MSLD

Hope u like it!
hey x

i thought id sign ur guestbook

keep in touch


i dont think ive ever talked to you before. maybe we can sometime.well i want you to have these.

You love Trollz! SO DO I! This is for you:

You requested I stamp you with Trollz, so I'm using my Tuesday school lunchtime to do so.
i thought you might like my stamp so here have it.

Hope we can become really good buds!And feel free to pm me whenever! P.S.I HATE you,125 letter rule,i shall kill you!!*evil laugh* And if you think i'm wierd, THANK YOU!!=D
Crazy bus! Crazy bus! DW lurves dat Crazy bus!

Red Sock Blue Sock Green Sock! Jammy Jammy Jammy Tart!
Corw nose chris! la la la la la! I have stamped miss christiano ronaldo!
Title saids it all.
you signed my guestbook s i'll sign yours

Hi here's my bunny stamp!
(..)<i love ACWW!
( )

Oh! 125 character minimum!
lalalalalalalaaaaaa!BOO!I need a pee hello lo lo lo That should do it!
[125 characters FTW] Just had a look in my guestbook and noticed you had signed it, so i thought i would sign back. [/125 characters FTW]

[Put Stamp Here]