Rainbow Gal lara croft star
Aug 19, 07 8:08pm
Thanks for stamping me. As you did I'll stamp you, though my stamps aren't that good (I hope you like animals ):

dandy01 lara croft star
Aug 11, 07 12:55am
Here you go, I see your crappy stamp has updated too. =P
amos rocks lara croft star
Jul 27, 07 3:36pm
I ment to sign your guestbook ages ago... oh well:

Kaiti lara croft star
Jul 26, 07 10:25pm
Last time i didn't have a stamp sooooo...

Credit to MSLD

Hope u like it!
Dec lara croft star
Jul 26, 07 7:34am
hey x

i thought id sign ur guestbook

keep in touch


Msld lara croft star
Jul 26, 07 2:13am
i dont think ive ever talked to you before. maybe we can sometime.well i want you to have these.

cherry pig lara croft star
Jul 17, 07 6:56pm
You love Trollz! SO DO I! This is for you:

You requested I stamp you with Trollz, so I'm using my Tuesday school lunchtime to do so.
cherry pig lara croft star
Jul 16, 07 10:20pm
i thought you might like my stamp so here have it.

Kaiti lara croft star
Jul 16, 07 2:15am
Hope we can become really good buds!And feel free to pm me whenever! P.S.I HATE you,125 letter rule,i shall kill you!!*evil laugh* And if you think i'm wierd, THANK YOU!!=D
dandy01 lara croft star
Jul 16, 07 1:45am
Crazy bus! Crazy bus! DW lurves dat Crazy bus!

mimi ds lara croft star
Jul 08, 07 2:18pm
Red Sock Blue Sock Green Sock! Jammy Jammy Jammy Tart!
Corw nose chris! la la la la la! I have stamped miss christiano ronaldo!
Kent lara croft star
May 30, 07 4:38am
Title saids it all.
amos rocks lara croft star
May 20, 07 3:35am
you signed my guestbook s i'll sign yours

Kittens4ever lara croft star
Apr 17, 07 6:54pm
Hi here's my bunny stamp!
(..)<i love ACWW!
( )

Oh! 125 character minimum!
lalalalalalalaaaaaa!BOO!I need a pee hello lo lo lo That should do it!
ulitmate taz lara croft star
Apr 06, 07 2:35am
[125 characters FTW] Just had a look in my guestbook and noticed you had signed it, so i thought i would sign back. [/125 characters FTW]

[Put Stamp Here]