Excalibur lady_lede
Jul 24, 05 4:23am

Bang Bang @_@
Iscariot lady_lede
Jul 23, 05 4:45am
Hello there! It's nice being back in the FFT forum with people like you still around. I really appreciate your comment about my writing, but really, it's pretty mediocre.
    Humble, wasn't it?
sunnyshine lady_lede
Jul 4, 05 2:04pm
Heya thanks again for signing my GB, hehe, i didn't know you liked furuba?!? eheh

anyways i dun have a stamp, so i'll have to pop a banner here for ya, hehehe hope you like it, and hopefulli i'll see you around a bit more

cristina canto tan lady_lede
Feb 8, 05 6:11pm
blazzle dazzle krazzle....


hello there!

just wanna sign here ummwait

now where is my pen


a forget it ...

_Vile_ lady_lede
Jan 6, 05 6:20pm
haha well this has been awhile since I saw you online on neoseeker. We've started out here haven't we? sheesh its been so long since we first met I even forgot how long its been. But anyway it seems that both of us do check in once in awhile. Happy new years old girl ^^ And lets meet again some time in neoseeker. lol
Javiman1 lady_lede
Aug 7, 04 5:09am
hi i saw u in the kof forum hello !
im a kof fan 2 sign my guest book will ya?
meanwhile have my stamps oh yeah love shingo!!!! :D:D:D

sign my guestbook :D:D
Gold_knight_blazer lady_lede
May 1, 04 11:31pm
Well, you've been here at Neoseeker over a year now! Just wanted to congratulate you. The FFT Forum would be alot worse without people like you.
Mikiri777 lady_lede
Apr 24, 04 7:58am
like, I've got to wait for this stupid thing to finish downloading the newest version of MSN Messenger because it wont let me sign in without doing that...but yeah........
....¬¬......><;...........hi! ^ ^
nightmaregamer lady_lede
Apr 17, 04 11:53pm
if you have any time left would you mean to write in my guestbook i don't care wat you write just i am happy with anything because my guestbook is just like a graveyard.
nightmaregamer lady_lede
Apr 17, 04 11:38pm
just want to say hey to your nothing more i am not really a chatter.I hope that you do not mind that is not that much what i write
holyknight2004 lady_lede
Apr 12, 04 7:48am
hey! thanks for signing my guest book! well I love Final Fantsy games, so ya you'll see around those forums quite often. see ya around!
DarkRue_Cloud lady_lede
Mar 29, 04 10:02am
I just want to sign your guestbook because stuff you say are cool. Example_ Stabbing people that use Gameshark in FFT with a Rusty Knife.

I think thats really cool you can joke and be serious at the same time. Im running out of things to say, PEACE.

Enjoy this Image while it last.
Ashley Riot Esquire lady_lede
Feb 12, 04 11:42am
You've been around a bit (the forums that is) and I've seen you in the FF8 forum a few times. Upon reading your interests I decided to sign your guestbook after finding them amusing

I think you should stick to cooking rather than murdering

So see ya later lady_lede .
qrull gx 13 lady_lede
Feb 3, 04 4:41pm
Hi. You probably know me (or not:P) from KOF'98 forum. Well, thanks for hanging out at that forum. We do need some people there (if havent notice how sad the forum is). So I hope to see you there more often. Not just KOF'98, why dont you come and visit other KOF forums? Lets talk about KOF like hell. Okay... see ya.
_Vile_ lady_lede
Jan 27, 04 5:43am
Well it's about time I think I should write here considering I've known you almost 2 years now? I think.. I don't see you so often these days and am lil worried of how your doing and stuff. Write me a PM when you feel like it. I'll be waiting. ^^^
BlackShadowX_FierceD lady_lede
Jan 19, 04 4:20pm
Wee I can wait to battle it out on the Neo Team hehe. Anyway, the rp's really going good (Although my plans were kinda messed up.) and I hope I see you a lot more in there. Talk to ya laters milady.

-Kenji Aoyama, Prince of Darkness
BlackShadowX_FierceD lady_lede
Jan 13, 04 3:40am
I just thought about signing all my friends' guestbooks and yours is the first. Thanks your being mah friend and everything. Your a great teacher (Damn I hate the fact I missed out on those quizzes) and a awesome rper. I can't wait to see more posts from ya . I forgot to return the favor you granted me the other day, so I'll do it laters. Chat with you later Lady Lede.

-Kenji Aoyama, Prince of Darkness
Mikiri777 lady_lede
Jan 5, 04 6:20pm
I saw that you were leaving Neoseeker, but I'm glad to know that you'll still be visiting. So yeah, thanks for signing my guestbook again, I'm going to go check out that other forum that you joined (the one where you got to be Administrator)
ronknight lady_lede
Jan 3, 04 11:52am
no how date you! you are lady of the pubes! booooo hooo why did i not chop them off?


readdddddd mahhhhhh story rons death how it all happened it's a hornnnnnny stooooooory

emalllllll me at ronknight@ticehurst3319.freeserve.co.uk

and remember 2 tie ur shoelaces before humping your girlfriend even though i know ur dirty secret.....u havy orgies at da weekendies, i saw it all! u have had hot drippy sweaty hard streamy teen sexxxxxxxxys becuz i saw it all i wany join! becuz i am a kinky whore begging 4 more yay!

i don't love u all 2day

demon buttercup and her new pal...stansnewslave who is now mah slave bitch!
Chobi lady_lede
Dec 29, 03 4:41am
I haven't talked to you in a while. ^^ I hope that your teaching is going well.


Iscariot lady_lede
Dec 25, 03 2:02pm

May your holidays be filled with joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Chobi lady_lede
Dec 14, 03 2:15am
Merry Christmas from Chobi!
Haru Glory lady_lede
Dec 7, 03 4:56pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.I haven't

been on neoseeker for some time.

What threads are you usually on?


Haru Glory lady_lede
Dec 7, 03 4:54pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.I haven't

been on neoseeker for some time.

What threads are you usually on?


DragonFang lady_lede
Nov 30, 03 10:37am

I noticed that you've signed my guestbook. Sorry for not signing back sooner. Better late then never, eh? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around the KH 2 forum. ^^