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Yeah... Kingdom Hearts... but seriously this isn't such a kiddy game as some people think, near the end it takes a quick turn to dark style but then as all Disney games, Evil gets vanquished by good...

Story line:
The story I find is Top Quality, basically in the beginning you team up with Donald and goofy to find the "king" nothing ordinary but the story takes a whole new meaning when Riku (Sora's best friend) Goes to the dark side After that, The story is really great.
personally I'm much more Attracted to the sequel to the actual original... cause the thing is... there's so much questions that need an answer so I'm Addicted to knowing more of the Sequel. I know already a lot but There are still things that need answers... Soon if I'm not lazy I will show you an analysis that "MOI" did!
it's very long but I explained things well