Please talk to me.I'm really sorry....and now I can't talk to you except in forums....I really don't want you to be mad at you.
Hey Ky it's Katie.This took me forever to make so I hope you like it.

I'll make somethin' better soon but for now this is it.

I know you asked for this, so here it is! ^^

Hope you liked it =D
Hi, look what I made! At first it had a weird line, but now it's perfect! ^^ (Even though it goes slow >.>; )

Hope you like it! =D
Kyler I forgive you but I don't feel like your the one to be forgiven...I am.I don't hate you and please don't leave.I was an imature jerk and I do't want to lose you.I just don't like the way t he RP is going.I'll do it anyway...Kyler just don't leave becuse your my best friend.

hi whats up thought i would sign your gbook thanks for being a good friend and bro too bad that true pokemon story was closed it was fun rping with you
Hey Kyler it's Katie (Emily/Empoleon1996)

Just dropping by to say hi.I'm gonna make a stamp soon but I thought I'd stop to talk to ya first.No matter what you say you I'll never be mad.Plase don't ever leave neoseeker.

Look, I know we don't speak much, but we have to get along with each other now, because we're neo-brothers. If you don't believe me, then ask our Neo-sis, Pikachu_2006. Please sign back.

Your Neobrother,
I made another!

Radom Text to fill up 125 character requirement that needs to be met.
Just stamping some guestbooks!

Why are you still reading this?FILLERSTUFFFILLERSTUFF
FILLERSTUFF There's no reason to read this!
LOL,You're still reading?
just thought to sin my neo-bro guest book your the best and a good friend you like harry potter as much as i do i have read everybook about 5 times each
Hi Kyler, why did you use ruby kyogre's trainer card to stamp? Tell Her that her recoulours are bad >=|

Yah don't have tah sign back yah know -.-
I wanted to be the first to sign your guestbook, just because!!!

See you around the Pokemon forums!!!