Welcome! I see you have found your way onto my page. Don't stick around long, there's nothing to see here.

Allow me to explain:
Since I've joined this site back in 2007, I can't rid my mind of the horrible things I've said to people, the horrible temper I had a few years back. Saying I've changed won't fix any of it either. I've hurt some people here, and apologized for it, still doesn't make it right.

Point is, I'm a jerk, I honestly wish I wasn't, and I'm trying to make it better. Should you wish to still give me a shot, you can, but don't expect quick replies.. I'm not quite as active as I used to be here.

My Steam Name is Barkaghm or you can just ask me and I'll send you a link to my Steam profile.


Whatever I feel like being into on this particular day.


Seriously, who lets a dog do what he wants on the internet?

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