i Really Want this Game :D GuitarHero5 PS3
I like This Game to. I torture them to be friends :P TheSims2 Xbox
I Trap the pet infront of me And Teach it all the comands TheSims2Pets DS
Very Hilarious Game: You Can Run Around And drive cars And Choose From A varioty Of Clothes. :) TheSimpsonsHitandRun Xbox
My Favourite Charactors Are The Wolf people KyaDarkLineage PS2
Good Game I Cant Wait To Get the Next One! DragonBallZBudokai PS2
Good Game if You Like Police Chasing After You And Putting Up Grafiti MarcEckosGettingUpContentsUnderPressure PS2
Same With This I prefer playing my Guitar GuitarHero3LegendsOfRock PS2
Not A Bad Game I prefer Playing my Guitar GuitarHeroWorldTour PS3
Another Good Game. My favourite Because You Get To be The cop ANd bust your friends For Speeding! NeedForSpeedHotPursuit2 PS2
Good Game:if You Like Hot Chicks And Driveing Fast Cars. :P NeedForSpeedUnderground PS2
Very Good Game if you like runing around in the future killing futuristic gaurds!!! Oni PC
Im Trying to complete this game :P TigerWoodsPGATour08 Wii
I like This Game Because If You Get to the Orb Sphere And your evil. You Become Wickedly Powerful inFamous PS3
MY Favourite Game: I Have Completed the Main Quest. But After All that runing Around ill haft to do the side missions. :) TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
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