Hey guys! I'm looking for a flawless adamant landorus, preferably shiny but i'll take what I can get. Please click ht

Hey traders, I am interested in trading for a Flawless Heatran (Preferably shiny but I'll take what I can get). I would a

Hey guys! I need a flawless Landorus that can be nicknamed 'Landeskog' ! I need him to be adamant natured and have st

Hi! Please click http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/36473/t1889835-this-shop-sparta-dw-non-rngd-shinies/4.htm to go to my sh

Hey guys, I was trying to evolve a noibat with exp share on and i forgot I had my shiny 6IV honedge in my party :'( So no

As the title says, I am looking for 6IV dittos to make my breeding life easier! Dittos do not need to be shiny although it

Today I got to 37 wins using a legitimate rotom/mega-gyarados/latios team that actually tried to win battles in a reasonable

Hi, I'm looking to trade for a darkrai, it does not matter from which event. This is the last pokemon I need in order

Hey guys, I have completed my living dex but am missing the events in the title. I am willing to trade a lot for these pokes

Hi! I'm looking for Charizardite x, and I'm willing to offer the y-exclusive aggronite, or my master ball, or a shiny

I am concerned with generation 6 for the following question. So as we know, shinies are generated by the PID seed, and the

Hi! I'm looking for any of the froakie evolution line with protean, so that I can do my own breeding. I am also interest

Hi! As you can infer, I have the Y version and I am looking to trade my Y-exclusive Aggronite for the X-exclusive Tyranitari

This seemed like the most appropriate forum to ask this in, but if it gets moved so be it ;) Anyway, as a Pokemon veteran sin

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