You mean the one I was talking about in my bio a while back? I think I know who you are talking about. Shes a character my frined made up for this weird... story... thing... ya

Oh, and since you put a shadow pic in my guest book, heres one 4 u

dude, so many pics, so little time! cool pics, but i think you need to tone it done a bit! jk, its fine. oh and i won't use those pics, just to let you know.
You know that stamp I was talking about... well here it is, so consider yourself stamped!

THE PALATINE DERBY - Newcastle vs. Sheffield United

As promiced I have returned the favour but MoB is currently makin my banner at the moment so for the time being I will give you my unofficial banner which is my Neohome Header. Thanks for leaving all the stamps.

Ill return and sign again when I get my official stamp made.
Hey, what up? This is King_X2, and I've seen you around a bit in the FF forums. Enjoy this stamp:

Hope that omage works!
well said i'd sign your guestbook so here i am!
Hey. See you around in the FFX-2 forum and thought I would stop by and give you a stamp. Hope you like it

See ya around
hey there, zazomy here. you said you were into completely random stuff so i thought i would randomly sing your guestbook. c ya round !
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook... it was random so it didn't have much thought to it... neither will mine... sorry about being a mean man.
Dear Unpronunceable name,

Thank you for taking the time to sign my guestbook, Unpronouceable name. I shall now return the favor to you, Unpronounceable name.


See you soon, Unpronouceable name. =)


Sorry for the FF it's supposed to be KH lol but it doesn't matter right?

Sorry I don't have time to stamp!
Just signing ur guestbook. U said u like kirby, Same here. Heres a pic^^

YOOOOO just sayin wssup, we should play some ACWW or MPH soon, are you gunna be playin durin x-mas? i hope you have fun playin! hope to play you soon
im signing your gest book umm not to sure what to say lol hello i know you have been around a while so ill say welcome anyway hey you should sign up to my clan the we would be glad to have ya
hey, guess who? yeah you guessed it. kairi is hot, but my girlfriend is hotter. yeah and i saw your collection and its pretty cool. did you beat MPH in under 5 hrs yet? you didn't? ok. i added you to my friends list.