Well for anyone who really cares i guess...

My name's Drew. I'm 19, have grayish blue eyes with brown hair, and am about 5'6". I love playing video games and i'm obsessed with LoD (guess who my fav. character is). It's really the only ps1 game I have that I still play. In fact, I probably play it more than any PS2 game i have. I guess it never really got old for me. Anyways, I also like hanging around with my friends a lot (when i'm not working). Another thing about me is that when I talk, i'm kinda direct, meaning i get straight to the point and don't "fluff up" my language to appease people. Don't think I'm being rude or anything, it's just how I talk. I also LOVE my computer and it's nightmarishly slow 56k internet, which keeps me from checking my email and responding to people as much as I want to. Anyways, here are some of my favs:

Fav. Games - Legend of Dragoon, Resident Evil 4, Drakengard 1&2, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 1&2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and Most Wanted, FF7

Fav. TV shows - Family Guy, the Boondocks, House, Law and Order, American Dad, SNL, MADtv, That 70's Show

Fav. Movies - Underworld 1&2, The Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, We Were Soldiers, Black Hawk Down, 300, The Pursuit of Happiness, I Am Legend, The Godfather, The Last Samurai, ff7 Advent Children, Renaissance, Casshern, Pan's Labyrinth (I don't know, I guess the girl at Movie Gallery got me watching some foreign films lately. You can't blame me though. They're actually better than some American movies I've seen lately).

I guess you can PM me if you want to know anything else...


Hangin out with my friends; bowling (yes, bowling), going to the movies, loitering in various parking lots...

Watching "good" movies; meaning that I go for the movies that have more to them than just big flashy explosions and excessive nudity (You gotta love American movie makers).

Playing video games; preferably ones with a good storyline to them, although I have been known to play a few racing games in my day.

Older cars; i.e. musclecars. My favorite of which is the 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda. I guess the sheer power and agressiveness brings back fading memories when pure "bad-assery" was a factor in making cars, not just fuel mileage. Heh heh, of course gas was a lot cheaper back then though. I don't know how to work on them though. God, I wish I did...

Also recently, I've gotta say that I've become addicted to reading LoD fanfiction so if you read any good ones, please feel free to point me in their direction.


"There is no such world were 'equal' exists. What we have is killing and being killed."
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