Samkuro kuje
Dec 24, 10 7:48am

Happy Holidays
Hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year

from samkuro
Marooned Chic kuje
Dec 26, 08 8:49pm

Yep, I wuv Final Fantasy. Chocobo's really cute, thankies!
I know you like Naruto as well, so here's sakura.
Merry Christmas!

kaijudo kuje
Dec 26, 08 4:01am
Thanks for that, Merry Christmas to you too!
That chocobo Christmas picture was a nice touch as well! I thought I might as well try and find a suitable Christmas picture as well...
NegativeEnergy kuje
Nov 4, 07 11:43am
Hey man thanks for signing my guestbook. I appreciate it. Here is one of my stamps to return the favor. Enjoy!

P.S. I added you to my friends list. Youre a decent person

G_O_G_E_T_A kuje
Dec 23, 06 7:46pm
Sorry to sign so early but I probably don't have time to sign on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

Madridfan kuje
Oct 15, 06 1:45am
Hi mate.

Now I've helped you out, will you sign my GB back... And tell me how the catching went...

And why are'nt you on the DragonBall BT 2 forum?

See you...
God of all saiyans kuje
Sep 11, 06 12:31am
Hi Ive Seen You Forums.
Ope To See You More. (GOAS)

yamacha24 kuje
Jun 16, 06 6:00am
Hi,I tought I could pass by and sign your guestbook again.[URL=][/URL]
yamacha24 kuje
May 30, 06 8:31pm
Hi,my real name is Xavier and I was interested on signing your guestbook and could you sign my guestbook.You don't have to put a stamp if you don't have one.