THM kspiess
Jan 10, 09 6:06am
Your picture with a glass of beer is great!!!!!!!!! It shows a typical man's nature of fantastic relaxation, I like that kind of relaxation too, hope we'll have a beer in the future???? Hee Hee!!!!!!!!
ZCGleader kspiess
Apr 17, 08 12:14pm
Hello there!I'm ZCGleader.I currently have Monster Hunter Freedom,Monster Hunter Portable 2nd,Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G,OutRun 2006:Coast to Coast,Pirates of the Carribbean:Dead Man's Chest and Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror as my PSP games.
Lesorin kspiess
Mar 25, 08 8:26pm
omg ok your a video card review guy im buying a new motherboard its dual core and i think its pci whats a good card
btw i just took yours guestbooks viginity and tell red I LOVE HIM