I play the game without potions or fast travel. Makes it WAY better. I actually don't see how playing the game with... read more

Nice ! This looks pretty rad. Sorta -- well much -- like a spiritual successor to the ole'den dayz Elevator Action... read more

I sure hope I can find my ME 2 saved games. read more

You'd think they'all be'd assassinated by now. read more

This game was so far ahead of its time when it came out. It was like a 1988 game. Pretty tough game, if I remember... read more

Riiiiiggghhhhttt on. That's the best gaming news ever, for 2012. read more

This is nice, but would have been nicer to see like 5 yrs ago. read more

Nice! Didn't know this was coming. I've been following the game since it was rumored to be around.. I'm really... read more

Intel's current top processor, the Core i7 980X, will be replaced by a badder, quicker six core CPU in the last... posted Jun 18, 10 10:49pm

I think the 3d effects with the Virtual Boy were way better. read more

I'm going to start a facebook group called ' No 3's for E'3' in protest. What, are they going to call e3 33 next... read more

If I had the game, I'd like the chance to take a stab at Japanese pop culture questions. Better that just cutting... read more

Jonwall -=> I think you are wrong. At least 5 sources I've read said that the ePrinters have both an email address... read more

likes RabidChinaGirl's blog post "E3 2010 coverage @ Neo"

I must have played de_dust more than like any other game level ever.

Tactical Intervention I'm not too sure about. It sounds too much like CS: S . I think they designer guy might have done well to try something totally different. read more

[image1 height=360] In a move that seems misguided and likely to backfire, HP is testing out new methods of... posted Jun 17, 10 6:20pm

The new Kid Icarus will probably have a cover system like Gears of War, I'm guessing. read more

As the world nears a new global economic castraphoe as the release of StarCraft II approaches South Korea, Razer... posted Jun 15, 10 6:55pm

According to some hints, Google is ready to serve up its own competitor to Apple's iTunes this fall. The new... posted Jun 15, 10 6:37pm

Crysis: Warhead was only one of the very few cases I know where it the sequel had much less demanding system... read more

Oh Apple is notorious for this. They have a very arbitrary and tight lock down on free speech in the App Store.
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