Title says it all, used to trade here a while back, but don't have the time to update threads etc. now. FC: 1435-5808


I realise this is going to look really shabby compared to other threads , but bear with me, I'm doing this off my phone.

Rules/General stuff to know:
- No hacks. I don't trade hacks. I expect the same back.
- Don't have a particular valu...

Yup, looks like I need a cloner again. Didn't want to pressure the same people with more requests, so Im just leaving thi

I'll just keep this short, and post what I need cloned. All are shiny, KB, 5/6IV etc. Shiny Talonflame O+1 Shiny Carv

Going on holiday tommorow, so will be spending a lot of time travelling. Going to EV some of these poke's to pass the tim

harry power (I'm not some sort of superhero xD)

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