I wish I was anywhere in the world but where I am currently standing now!
My activity in Neo died. For the first time, I feel like I don't belong anymore.
It is the 3rd of the month and my family has no jobs or the rent money. What will become of my family?
I want a new life :/
I'm on my way to WWE Raw
My grandfather passed away yesterday. Please donate some $ for so we can give him a proper farewell.
What sign would Neoseeker like me to post up at Monday Night Raw?
YG 400 just left the Saddle Ranch. It's the restaurant I work at. :D

So I finally went to Pokémon village to seek Mewtwo. I caught him, and to my surprise I got the desired nature. I got

I'm not sure how late I am on this, but nice name change!

@Roxas why the hell did you not make a thread for Main Event? Are you mad, woman? :colored: Main Event started with the

My Pokémon Alpha Sapphire is missing! It better not be lost. :redanger:
I finally purchased my 1 year of N+ AMC membership, gamestop membership, and N+ all this year. Life is good!
My son turns 1 year old today! My baby is growing up. :(

So I narrowed my choices down to those three. Which one is everyone's favorite out of the three. My lungs are wheazy afte

Boy, those it feel good to be back in this forum. I haven't been here in over 2-3 years. I never thought I'd see the

My gf bought me Power Saves for my 3DS. I am now offering cloning services for Pokémon. I love my boo.

Hey Loungin'. Probably not a smart idea to go public on this part of my life, but at the end of the day IDGAF. :happy:

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