Feb 07, 16 1:06am
Another one of my homies died today. How many more will I see buried? :(
Jan 30, 16 2:04am
What an amazing day. All thanks to God and my gf. Also saw Kung Fu Panda 3. Been seeing movies free lately.
Jan 26, 16 11:01am
Congrats to tommy vercetti and infinite on their promotions.
Jan 26, 16 4:32am
I miss my brother from another mother, Scott Cee
Jan 20, 16 3:24pm
I love Neoseeker!
Jan 05, 16 12:21pm
Jan 01, 16 4:16pm
Happy New Years Neoseeker! May all of you have a bless year, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Dec 31, 15 10:20pm
Where do I belong? I'm not wanted anywhere! :(
koffing shared a link
Dec 18, 15 2:11am


I apologize for the cut off thread title. I did not want my title to be ridiculously long. So I just finished quick quoting k

Dec 18, 15 12:41am
So two nights ago, I was too lazy to turn my xbox off and it stayed on all night. Why does it keep turning off now that I'm dl a game?
Nov 02, 15 11:04am
I got a 2TB external for my xbox one. Unbelievable that terabyte externals are small now. ❤️
Oct 26, 15 4:31am
Why is iconic still awake?
Oct 20, 15 10:47am
Donald Trump, die!
Aug 27, 15 9:47am
I got in a hit and run accident on Monday and I don't recall the event at all. I almost died Monday night. :(
koffing shared a forum thread
Jul 25, 15 10:29am


Neoseekers, its been a while since I've been to a Fifa forum. I mean, years. I haven't owned one since Fifa 10 on the

Jul 10, 15 6:26pm
Who the hell has an xbox one? Add me Neoseeker!
koffing shared a forum thread
Jul 10, 15 12:27pm


I just got an Xbox One for my bday. I'm looking for people to play online with. My gamertag is OrangeWhistle44. I have th

Jul 02, 15 8:42pm
i have a 500GB Xbox One! Yeah buddy!
koffing shared a forum thread
Jul 01, 15 5:03pm


I know no one here cares. I just felt like posting in Loungin' for a change. I also had two of my cousins shot and killed

koffing shared a forum thread
Jun 13, 15 11:17am


I am well aware many of you don't visit our first generations of Pokémon version forums. So I thought I'd shar

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