hey, i don't check my GB often and only just found your entries and i thought i'd stamp your GB, it's late but here ya go and yeah, megadeth are rather cool too:)

Take care.... M.R.

for signing my guestbook kodfish!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

I think I know you from somewhere... oh wait we're in the same band... yeah and also you live near me and have known you since 4th grade P.S good ole buddy ole pal =*)
I like you. You have the Metallica star as an avatar and you like Metallica. So since you do I decided to sign your guestbook

```~~~22 D.O.D B/K SOUTHSIDE QUEENZ~~~```
thanks 4 signing my guestbook... i cant wait for zelda twilight princess to come out well anyway i thought i might sign your guestbook so here i am