thankyou for the help with my homework.

Sorry i signed your guestbook late (i've been busy XD)

thnx for signing my guestbook. i realy appreciate it. so i thought i wuld sign back. merry cristmas [i think im a bit early lol].
Happy christmas
I'm on a christmas stamp run!
Australasian forum people are getting one!

Sign back!

Have some Gackt (you know you want it) -

Heh heh. Nicked these from Shuyu.

Gackt says "Hi!"

Mmmmm he's so full of sex. RAWR! Go Gackt! Woo!

Well I'll be off now. Tata!

sorry bout the latenees i havet been on for a while but i cvant send astamp cos i forgotten my photbucket password k so as soon as i remember i will stamp u
Hey, cheers for the signing, it's nice to someone else who doesn't have 60+ pages of signings off random people.

But what mix up did we have in the DSvsPSP thread? I really can't remember...

But anyways, hey.
signing you for fun can be quite abum especially if you don't get SIGNED back
Note* me dropping hint
so sign back because i said so
With my guestbook entry, i shall give you a mind-numbing puzzle. One that has baffled the majority of the worlds geniuses.

If a bed-spread is in fact folded and put away, is it still a bed-spread?

You think about that . . . .

I'm just going around signing GB's so heres a stamp.Just remember to return the favor^_^

Hope you like it^_^
hey just thought i would sign your guest book sign back or pm me if you want to.
I tought i would be the first!
Hm.... Mean!
Well, it's not YOUR fault!
Please sign My GB too!
Hey K!
I guess I'm the first to sign your guestbook - I feel so privelaged *wipes tear from eye*
Well, see ya 'round