Thanks for signing my Guestbook, kluck! That stamp you gave me was very cool, so thanks.

Here's a good old stamp that puts my others to shame. See you later!
Haven't figured out how to put pictures in from my comp, but I'll get it eventually...

Hey Kluck.
Just decided when bored 2 return a stamp.

For being a good friend for over 6 years!


I was just signing to say Hey!LOL You've got a Newb Signing your Geust book .. oh do you send private messages? I'm completely clueless

Hey Kluck I'm going in a stamping spree, so... Enjoy! Also have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for signing my guestbook!!!!

P.S. Sorry it took so long! I'm bad at signing guestbooks!
I just wanted to stamp you...

But you know it was really random...>_>

I'm still working on another poem as a matter of fact But rules are rules; if you stamp me, I stamp you.

To see ways of impressing a girl, click the link that the stamp gives, and read the awesome signing I gave. (Psst, it didn't really work too well. )

Yours truly, ultimate boktai fan,
Hey dude. Thanks for being my neofriend and here's the stamp!