Galodos=We both are obsessed with chicken nuggets!!!!They rock!!!!
Princess Ryo
Spyro Princess
Super Mega Man
Bright Blue Yoshi
king of hearts
Miss Witching Hour
Super MegaMan
Homunculus Lover
Shadow Soul
and even more than that! adds up to about 70 something!!!
Close neofriends:
Spyro Princess= She helps me if i don't get something She's real nice tome too!:D i'm glad we met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lavendarette=Likes poke'mon like me. and i'm soooo glad we met....:D
Shadow Soul= he's nice to me and we talk a lot.:D
Princess Ryo= We talk sometimes and she's neo married to Oni so she's real sweet like Oni*lol*
Sakura=One of my first neo friends i'm so glad we met.
knb86=we met when first got on neo. He's nice and i'm glad we met, although we could talk a little more.

neobro:Halo_Asassin= Just met today(july 26,2006)And we've talked a little bit.And he seems like a nice person so far.:)
neosis:Pretty Princess= we just met and she's real nice to me...^_^Soon we will play toontown hopefully.
kerosakura2002= she's like a big sister to me...she's sooo nice to me i'm glad we met!
neosis:Princess Ryo=She's sweet and knows my fav big neobro Oni that's how we met, and i'm sooo glad we did.^_^
neosis:Bright Blue Yoshi= my newest neo sis and she is so nice to me i have enjoyed talking to her never leave....xoxoxoxox!!!lol!i love ya!!!!!!!
neosis: unknownmaster=my bff outside of neoseeker too. And the one who got me on neo.Thank You!!!
Neosis:mplover=:one of my bff's in real life,smart,nice and funny most of the time.
pricess123456789123=nice and one of my bff's
neobro:Oni=nice,funny,kind!and cool.Also soooo nice to me.PS. We talk on AIM alot!
neobro:reaver11=cool,funny, and easy to get along with!*lol*
neobro:Yoshistar=real nice and funny and cool so glad we met !!!!
Neosis:Legend of ur face= Really nice and funny

Super Nova Neo Buds.....

animerockerNAT= She is new but she has been my best friend since Preschool! She and I love AWNIME! She is great at it!!!!! Welcome her!

Unknownmaster=We met in the 4th grade, when i told her i love poke'mon and that's all we talked about for days......then she left HM friends of mineral town at my house and i asked 1,000,000,000,000 questions.Then i got really into it. Now were Best friends.

Oni=He's real nice to me. We first met on AIM and talked ALOT!!!Now he's me absoult best neo brother i'll have.YAY Oni!!!

Bright Blue Yoshi=My best neo sis (and unknownmaster).She's nice to me and likes photography.My parents are pros!

princess123456789123=She is my bff in real life too!!!we met in 4th grade,and have lots in common!!! !_!

GameFreakACWW= Alot of help when it comes to Animal Crossing and I didn't know he knew about Harvest Moon.

Country Girl= Very helpful too!!! Makes really good banners and avatars. I hope we become better friends.

BTW my parents took pics of Mike Miller and Pau Gasol, members of the the Memphis Grizzlies.

That's it for now. If you want me to say something about you than pm me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

If i forgot you pm me k???

If you want to become part of my small neo family then send me some pm's we will dicuss things later....i like HM!!!!(harvestmon)And i'd apprechiate if you'd sign my gb too...:D

My Biography...................

Well i am a wonderful person to talk to and get to know.My friends say that i am a wonderful cartoon anime artist.Im so darn cute that im irestistible!!!!*laughs*Well my birthday is coming up soon.Sawwy i put that

And if you are not on my buddy list pm me and I'll eventually get to you......... Bi! =3

On 3-29-07, I was in class typing this on a school laptop

Recent Buddies

legend of ur face= She is nice and I personally thought her name was so funny! Im gonna ask her to be my neo sister.

Cheatergirl007= Haven't known her for too long but, I have a feeling we will be awesome friends!!!!


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