Ok, I know this wont mean much since you left *sniffle* but if you posibly ever check back on neo, I want you to know that you are an awesome friend and I miss you so much! I even kept our PMs. *sob* I miss you terribly!


P.S: Yes, I'm kiki589. I got an awfull name change D=

Happy Halloween!
Enjoy the only day of the year where you can take free candy from total strangers!

Just stopping by your GuestBook cause you are such a great friend! I have so much fun talking with you!
See you around!
You are just totally amazing.
Thanks for the signing... thing.
I shall writer more later today (when my brain isn't off)
Thank you so much for being awesome!

Hi kittin_love!
*giggles crazily*
I signed your book thing so... YAY!I had brownies yesterday.I wish you could have had one, even though I dropped some eggshell in the brownie mix.
Sense you asked me to do this, I will =). So hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, i'm gonna try and get some more drawings to show you. Ok c ya
you gues are a bunch of goofs you know that?ima second on your gb ^-^ wat now?!??!ahhhh i cant think at all T-T i like potatoes ^-^
I'm the first one to sign your GB!!! I knew, I knew if I um... Ok, I don't know what. I just found it like this...

So anyway