I'm a simple guy who enjoys wrtiting fanfiction of odd and unique animes, Pokegirls and Pokeboys. I'm also someone who can't seem to wrap my head around watching movies when they come out, since I'm more than likely going to buy them, or view them via Netflix. I'm an open guy, so if ya ever want to chat bout anything, PM me.


I like anime, manga, hacked Pokemon video games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, and writing fanfiction. I also enjoy Chinese food, making ramen (screw stove top ramen!), walking along the beach (no joke), and playing Magic the Gathering with my friends. Raising/breeding fish, and raising new animals, creatures of any sort really.

I've also developed a slight interest in DnD, so if anyone can point me to some decent aids for learning, that would be much appreciated.
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