Everybody calls me Kioko. But my REAL name is Kari. Don't forget that......
I am 16, and live in Maui, Hawaii. I'm turning sweet 17 on July 23!!!! I'm really excited....right.
If ya want to see a picture of me: click here!

Anyway I have 7 sisters, and one of all of them is fucking annoying!!! Here is a list of all of them:
-Ruby, 3 years old
-Julia, 13 years old(the fucking annoying one)
-Ashley, 20 years old
-Dezzy(Desere), 22 years old
-Megan, 23 years old
-Danielle, 25 years old
-Kasey, 27 years old.
Well that's the long list.

I have lots of gamecube games here they are:
Animal Crossing
Dark Summit
The Sims Bustin' Out
Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets(don't ask, I didn't pick out the game.)
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Monkey Ball 2
Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life

Oh and if your wondering about more of my life, it's nunya. And who needs a damn biography anyway?????


The things that I like are:
Guys(got to be hot!)
video games:
Animal Crossing
Dark Summit
The Sims Bustin' Out
Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life
Neoseeker(hello! thats why I'm here)
the color grey and pink
cute things
This is the kind of Music I like:
Hip Hop
And these are the artists I like:
-50 Cent
-Lil John
-Linkin Park
-Sean Paul


Dark Strike
Ellie Bellie
Cute Phantasy
and that's all I can think of.
Who do you think kicks ass? tell me, I'll tell you if you're right or wrong. Oh I forgot, try to answer this riddle:
"when you say my name, something vanishes."


KKSweet K is for Kari, K is for Kioko17. Sweet is for that Ima sweet little devil
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