i liked this game especially the unlockables like the old nes controller as a board or a paint brush that leaves your trail an more 1080oAvalanche GC
my favorite movie ever i love the two main fight scenes man i started mma classes because of this movie an still go i have to watch this... NeverBackDown
actually have this downloaded to my psp from psn. MetalGearSolid PC
good way to kill time when bored SuperMarioSunshine GC
fun party game good when people r over MarioParty6 GC
crimson viper, chun li, ken my favorite people StreetFighter4 PS3
ok to play liked doing the specials an seeing the monsters come out of the beyblades BeyBladeSuperTournamentBattle GC
very fun game loved it something fresh CustomRobo GC
loved this game getting a whole army together to do stuff an jump people an i kinda liked watching them attack bigger targets an getting... Pikmin GC
bought this game back when i was a broke game collector who bought games that didnt cost that much it costed 5 dollars used an i got... StarskyandHutch
the best modifiying cars illgeal street racing game i own an have played to date MidnightClubLosAngeles PS3
Anime, Manga, Games, Weights, Studying, My life an a damn good one!
i loved this game how it was like a movie and how well u did determined how people liked it ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
another dbz game but when it came out i played none stop we all did lol DragonBallZBudokai2 GC

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