aschneider88 kinggrux
Feb 25, 13 9:00am
everything went great would love to deal with again
Funny13ones kinggrux
Jan 20, 13 9:30am
Transaction went smooth and pleasent willing to deal with again
BigBlue kinggrux
Jan 19, 13 5:55am
Great seller. Safe and fast transaction. Thank you.
bananarama kinggrux
Jan 19, 13 1:06am
awesome seller.. two thumbs up!!
lopper kinggrux
Oct 25, 12 10:15am
Excellent seller. Pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend.
razzberries kinggrux
Oct 21, 12 11:42am
great transaction, trusted seller
Magnum69 kinggrux
Oct 18, 12 6:32am
For all you buyers out there, I just want to let you know that KingGrux is a straight up legit seller.

I recently made a very large purchase of multiple cards and King did a fantastic job of giving direction to make sure the risk involved was minimized and put my mind at ease in my first time dealing with him.

Highly recommended and I will be purchasing from again.
phillycheesesteak999 kinggrux
Sep 22, 12 8:34am
Thanks for the apsaras, was a pleasure buying from you!
bigkevkelsey kinggrux
Sep 19, 12 9:52am
very quick responses. Got everything quickly and easily!
Blkals kinggrux
Sep 17, 12 9:09am
Thanks friends :-*
ginyen kinggrux
Sep 15, 12 3:40am
Smooth transaction! Kicked the new trade system's ass.
puartist kinggrux
Aug 27, 12 5:42am
Nice guy & smooth trade! I definetly will buy again.

Thanks a lot
abbiechan123 kinggrux
Aug 23, 12 6:56am
thank you sooo much for your help!

everything went smoothly....

i appreciate it...and would buy from you again...

natenarcieq kinggrux
Aug 22, 12 1:38am
very good and clean transaction.
Smooth communication and even an extra offer.
Tank you very much!
phillycheesesteak999 kinggrux
Aug 21, 12 10:57pm
Thanks for the 12 minas and enhanced Cybeles. You didn't even charge extra/mention they were halfway enhanced. Thanks again!
dre am s dawn kinggrux
Aug 19, 12 2:46am
I accidentally somehow signed someone else's guest book. Because, yeah, i'm a bogan. But this is what I had written;
Probably the best seller I've ever encountered. Fantastic communication and good pricing. Just a great person. I think I secretly love them.
tinkis kinggrux
Aug 17, 12 10:17am
Very good seller ^^ 100% trustworthy and have excellent prices!
trav6612 kinggrux
Aug 16, 12 10:12am
Great seller, quick delivery. Thanks again!