SerialZero kin jazama
Mar 17, 08 9:02pm
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Revenger of Wastelan kin jazama
Aug 22, 07 1:52am
I checked my guestbook and saw you there.
Just thought ill keep the chain alive. ;D
Stay around the Tekken 6 forum so we can chat more.

elmonmates kin jazama
Dec 10, 06 5:44am
kp answering ur questions on wd u rather so thought id sign ur bk
i lv the cartoons by the way but wats with the man on the drums????
Zhou Tai Rocks kin jazama
Sep 01, 06 8:10am
Sorry Not My Kind of food,
Thanks anyway though;)

Sorry But currently to lazy to get my stamp url so ill have to stamp ya later,
but anyway thanks for signing,
Ill see ya round the forum...maybe,
I dont think I have seen you around lol
Well maybe I will now
Stevebeoulve2 kin jazama
Dec 28, 05 2:53pm
La, La, La, La, La....

Chobi kin jazama
Dec 08, 05 6:55am
±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Teeb kin jazama
Nov 02, 05 7:33pm
I got all teh POWAH I need thanx. Anyway thanx for sighning my guestbook. I like to sign back so here I am......signing.......

Thanx again.
Ghetto Bird kin jazama
Nov 02, 05 7:36am
Power is for nublets who are N00bs.
Anyway I'm going to tell you a good ol story:

Ok once upon a time, there was a giraffe named steve:

He was hungry so he ate some bombs:


From ghetto bird with love.
HyperSniper kin jazama
Jun 28, 05 9:11pm
Macon is the symbol of peace and freedom on Neoseeker, if you ever get into a flame war and just want to end it, just show the this picture.

All hail Macon!
Dan Mumford kin jazama
Jun 24, 05 2:01am
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

This is my 100% brand new stamp, made by...ME! Enjoy...

See ya around!
DQ Maniac kin jazama
Jun 22, 05 5:53am
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

Angel Blade kin jazama
May 29, 05 1:28am

Hello all and I hope everything is well [: Well either you signed my guestbook, or i feel like going on a neofriends strampage. well thanks to all of you who didn`t forget me whilst i was gone. haha [: uhmmm... yeah.... rawr <3

// angel <333
Mano Chao kin jazama
Apr 16, 05 11:10pm
Hey Jazmamara,
Your posts blow my mind

You teh cool and don't forget that man.

See you around.
SerialZero kin jazama
Apr 16, 05 11:21am
Anime Boston + Greg Ayres + SANZO COSTUME = Uber Happeh Zero-sama;

Huzzah to the eleventy billionth power!!!
Taiyo Yurei kin jazama
Apr 10, 05 6:32am
Don't think I didn't see that stamp in my guest book! Because I did, and now you're getting stamped back!

*Devivi STAMP!*
yuffie_chan kin jazama
Apr 07, 05 9:18pm

thanks for signing my gb!ureshi nah~~~ (i meant i'm glad!) the stamp is really awesome! i love it~
noob N master kin jazama
Apr 03, 05 12:19pm
Here at Rar Inc. we appreciate that you took the time to sign our guestbook. Thank you.

This Guestbook signing will not self-destruct in 5 seconds. I've already wasted 3 of them typing so it'll self-destruct in 2 seconds.

ill Eat Your Brain kin jazama
Apr 03, 05 12:15pm
funny entry....^-^ Do I know you?

me, we, she, fee, key, see, tea, be, gee, NI!!! FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST RULES!!!

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker....gimmie your lunch money...
Fantasy Master kin jazama
Mar 31, 05 9:29am

hello bro!
thanks for signing my guessbook!
meet ya at zanarkand.
yup or zanargang according to king ma
King Ma Chao kin jazama
Mar 24, 05 9:52am

Happy Easter Day ^^

Be sure to pet bunnies and eat lots of chocolate! Welcome to Zanarkang lol ^^

From King Ma Chao
Vex the Pirate kin jazama
Mar 21, 05 10:20am
Hi! Thanks for sining, sorry this is kinda a late reply, but hey, better late than never, eh? EH? ...fine...
Well, Take care!
bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr kin jazama
Feb 25, 05 12:09pm
wow, if you're reading this it has been about 3 months since i've been on neoseeker

yes i've been real busy...
Honest!!! I've been very, very busy...

i dont even have time to make new stampies ><

well...this is for all the questbook signings i owe you!!! ^^

PM me sometime...i might be able to write back soon

Signed by Moi,
Vegeta dude kin jazama
Feb 22, 05 10:49am
Just wanted to sign your guestbook cuz you gave out a lot of Tekken5 news

Cya later dude sign mine
Eugene Rulz kin jazama
Feb 22, 05 3:17am
I'm here to sign your guestbook. Why? Because I can!

Sign back when you get da chance,
BF Gangsta kin jazama
Feb 21, 05 6:17am

Thanks for signing my G-Book, cya round.

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