my name is Greg, i am a clerk at a hardware store 3 days a week and a lawnboy for one day haha. i play bass year round. wii is my love, no one can beat nintendo. not sony, not microsoft, not anyone. meeting new people is always fun. i have my codes all over the place on here and thats pretty much the reason i signed up for this site. i want to meet people to game with and have fun. message me if you add my codes and we can play soon.


playing bass, wii, electrical things, history and life. currently im hooked up on the conduit and mario kart, but my love will alwyas be for super smash brothers, both melee and brawl. pink link forever. favorite artists include led zeppelin, iron maiden, wu-tang clan, odb, mr.meth, B.I.G., the misfits, daft punk, and anything else.


killabee on the swarm.

system: 5587-8001-4653-438
brawl: 0130-1924-5167
kart: 1505-3794-3802
conduit: 0989-9885-4383
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