hamish kid kaos
Jun 17, 05 1:45am
hi. how do you get into the cheat section on giants citezen kabuto for playstation 2. by the way. my real name is jos. thants.
angel41 kid kaos
Jan 09, 05 5:20am
awritey omg why um a checkin es hing !!
no bin oan es fur ages!
anyways a noticed ma wee brothers been creatin havoc roond hear agen so am back an am no an angel nemare
come oan msn ya dafty nd tok ae ma wee bro
he'll gee ye ma hotmail addy which is mad_el@hotmail.com
awkwell at wis pointless
get in touchhhhhh
am boostin catchye
xo wEe eL FfS ox
mrx30000000000002004 kid kaos
Oct 26, 04 2:27am
wassup dude my msn is boby_hit_the_deck_2004@hotmail.com get in touch,long time huh?

125 characters shity,..................................................................
Anime2234 kid kaos
Aug 25, 04 1:15am
Hey, I saw you around, so I decided to sign your guestbook. Well, after I read your thread.

I love your banner! It's got all my favorite bands on it: Misfits, Slayer, Kiss, Metallica, etc.

Anyway, I would have a stamp but I lost it. XD

See ya around.
NSX kid kaos
Aug 25, 04 12:32am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around kid kaos. Sign back if you want...
Aki kid kaos
Aug 16, 04 11:40pm
, I had to come here sign your guestbook. I don't know have I done so earlier, but because you signed mine I want to sign yours too

Running Wild - Metalhead

There's power in your blood, there's thunder in your veins
Staunchness is the way to keep you away from pain
If your everlasting soul is shedding of its fear
You'll be a rebel at heart, a stone in their gear

Fear and pain, Hades' name
Sin and pride their evil guide

Metalhead, trust in yourself and fight
Metalhead, free your mind
Metalhead, deny the darkened side
Metalhead, your soul is prime

They try to break your back, they wanna take away your pride
Fatheads are what they need, they wanna take you for a ride
Backbiters're telling lies to bring you into line
They try to ban the truth cause power and money's prime

Fear and pain, Hades' name
Sin and pride their evil guide

Metalhead, trust in yourself and fight
Metalhead, free your mind
Metalhead, deny the darkened side
Metalhead, your soul is prime

They fear the ancient symbols, true evil always will
Now afcending's rising, the fate will be fullfilled
Banning of saviour from evil, the holy pentagram
They know exactly who they are, blackest minds and men

Fear and pain, Hades' name
Sin and pride their evil guide

Metalhead, trust in yourself and fight
Metalhead, free your mind
Metalhead, deny the darkened side
Metalhead, your soul is prime
Tres kid kaos
Aug 14, 04 4:37pm
high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high
Auria kid kaos
Apr 13, 04 4:37pm

Hey kid kaos, remember me? I haven't talked to you in ages!!! I hope you have a Happy Easter, and get lots of chockies. This dog is soo cute aye ^^. He's got lots of chockies .

rockhole kid kaos
Mar 14, 04 3:14am
Hard to believe youre still around, oh well for the sake of nostalgia and the great year of 2002 I shall sign your guestbook again.

Wishing you much confusion,

angel41 kid kaos
May 11, 03 8:17pm
hiya. how are ya? i've not spoken to ya for ages so..im..err signing ur guestbook..again!
(I don't think its as many as you've signed mine though )Ive totally forgotten who ya are. Just kiddin^_^! come on msn/habbo hotel/neo sumtime so i can talk 2 ya. laterz.

Aki kid kaos
Apr 17, 03 2:19am
HI Kid Kaos! I sign this guestbook because you have a heartagram as your avatar, do you like HIM/HER? I think their music is great, I can't wait their new album Love Metal. Anyway, sign my guestbook if you want
The Spider kid kaos
Apr 15, 03 2:52am
hi im wsighnig your qeast book for no reasen im trying to get more peaple to sing myn so please sighn bake
From Me opps characters sorry hhhhhh hhhh hhh
Lord Jim kid kaos
Mar 24, 03 1:35am

O.K dude, first I'm signing this because I like you NOT because I love you, lets just make that straight. Anyways, see you around the THPS4 forums. You're a pretty cool guy.

P.S Could you sign my guestbook aswell, pretty please?

Gamer420 kid kaos
Mar 09, 03 11:03pm
I feel sympathy for you so I'll sign it But.... You owe me a guestbook signing That's how I make deals my man. And dont think I love you!
Deathsythe kid kaos
Oct 21, 02 7:15am
Dude, i coulda sworn i signed this already, w.e


(yes, i put the hyphen even with the closing mark)

Octarine Skye kid kaos
Oct 16, 02 12:38am
Doin' the rounds, signin' everybodyies guestbook again, so


See ya around foo!
Slacker kid kaos
Oct 14, 02 11:42pm
After having you constantly nag me to do it, and after having you sign mine several times, I decided to sign your guest book... Consider yourself lucky, blessed, special and exceptional...
mr x 300000000000000 kid kaos
Oct 13, 02 9:27pm


donpablo kid kaos
Oct 12, 02 12:04pm
hey kidkaos!!
i saw you when i signed yardiekilla's guestbook, and thought you sounded like a cool guy, so i decided to sign your guestbook!!! could you sign mine? tahnx if you do!!

the don of the smilies!
lil Captain Bitch Jr kid kaos
Oct 11, 02 10:18am
today mt dad took me t wal-mart and i spilled a orage soda on thr floor, an got yelled at, an i also got a bluesclues toy
an when i wemt to wendys i didn't get run over like you thouhgt cus i am a very dope streetcrosser
Captain Bitch kid kaos
Oct 11, 02 10:13am
Damn, I am in a bind because I want some of those stingy chesse things, but it is just to damndarn late to go to the the grocery store.
redraven kid kaos
Oct 08, 02 10:03pm
Spanky a legend? Oh he will be so happy to hear! Thanks for the stamp! I feel loved!!

Catch ya on tha flip side!

Dragon Cloud kid kaos
Oct 04, 02 12:15am
Hi, i remember when i said KFC could sue you for taking his banner and adding to it and you believed me.Ha! ha!
well he could if it is copyright. pls sign mine. If you dont i wil cr t y v m...forget that... but sign.

that is sort of my stamp cos it sais Dragon on it.
Amourette kid kaos
Oct 02, 02 5:13am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Tricky Dude kid kaos
Sep 29, 02 8:16pm
here is a picture for you viewing pleaseure.

its a half dog, half man girl...

..i think...?