um not much to tell i was born i did crap and i'm here now i always talk never silent and so yeh my quest for neofriends gos on so i have more people to talk to: my neo buds so far

Ash man: Meka is a great kid, not on much anymore, first neo Friend, and thank god not the last. He loves pikachu and would do anything for that little yellow rodent. (Salamence>Pikachu)

naruto 34: Naruto lover much, not the only one. A great guy, his clan is going well, and i'll support it to the very end.

kogosamaru:A battling buddy whom i go a long way back with, met him in the pika clan, a long time ago.

norixca_XIII ~Norixca~ - if i got the username wrong sorry. Norixca makes wicked graphics, another graphics maker i look to in awe, and an awesome friend.

Snoopy Master ~Samantha~:
were friends now we jsut started talking about nothing, we still do, just more and more often, Sammie is an awesome friend, and a beautiful person.

Red Ice Dragon ~crimson~ : made me a togekiss and a mence.... o and plus hes a good friend, lately we have become more chummy.

Oceanic Sun/Kerberos ~Jaron~

we met at Ash mans clan, we weren't exactly great friends, but then i saw his cool story and gave a suggestion through PM, we began to write the story together, now we are great buds. If you need to talk to him, hes probably busy building a new clan...XD

Ikelace~ ~jacob~ a funny guy who is obsessed with llamas and Chuck Norris, i occasionally have a battle wid him, and we go back a while, good guy.

Dark Arcanine~Richie kun(XD)~

Well Richie is pwnage, is a sick friend and a wicked guy, we like to talk about...well, stuff,XD
Richie's always good to have around though, a fun loving guy..


battling buddy much, the world always doesn't seem to want to let us battle.. funny like that, i guess Gods just protecting him from my wrath, he likes to 'splode his Azelf

Lauzi ~lauren~

did someone say chao god?
very much so, shes an uber chao maker, a master a creater (ect) well shes cool, and a very nice person.

Ichigo_rox ~sarah chan~

this will be updated, i know little to nothing 'bout sarah, 'cept shes nice, =)

~battling buddies~

won't be screwed updating this anymore >.>

if i forgot someone you must never talk to me...

btw, if you acctually were screwed reading this, you'll now know, i'm really twelve *pwned*

currently looking for a neo family!

neo wife~

neo sisters~ Norixca(Norixca XIII), Sammie(Snoopymaster).

neo bros~ Jear Bear, cmh, Richie-kun!(Dark Arcanine), Tim! (Blackzeppelin)

neo daughters~

neo sons~

Neo Mum~ Pikachu 2006

Neo Dad~


i like:
eating !yay!

um yeah i'm here for banner requests so PM me for a banner

i have a dog called kodi... he's awesome

also i'm awesome at zelda 100% on twilight princess on wii :)

zomg i almost forgot to say i love the rurouni kenshin manga it rocks! i also like full metal alchemist and naruto!

i like wi-fi battling i play no ubers and all clauses except same item clause so Pm me for a quick battle 6v6 single battle

manga i read

rurouni kenshin
full metal alchemist
Bleach xd

samurai x(rurouni kenshin)
full metal achemist


.:Jaron:.~ .:Richie:.~ .:Sammie:.

Once you go Heatran, you'll never go back!
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