Saw you about the Football forum, and your a good poster. You also support the best club which automatically classes you as legend.

Also were would we be without some Liverpool..

Sign back sometime.
Thanks for the signing, appreciated. Good luck to Liverpool for the upcoming season.


Cheers for signing my Guestbook, Hope ya had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to ya.

Cheers for the CL stamp aswell, brings back memories of a superb year for us.

We Won It 5 Times.
Hey K! I thought i'd sign your guestbook because i've seen you in the Footie forum and you seemed pretty cool...for a liverpool fan! See you around mate and please sign back.

Hope you like the stamp!
hey saw you around and decided to sign your GB...sine back!...heres your stamp...
hey, i was just browsin' through the forums, postin' my @$$ off, and saw your sig. so, here i am. try to sign back! as always, you have been...
Hey there keawjinda

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Thought I'd sign your guestbook as have seen you around the footie forums and you seem to talk some sense. Apart from liverpool to finish fourth that is!

Sign back!
I see you support Liverpool, I support them as well. I think we will get forth ahead of Everton easily. Please sign my gbook in return.

I hope you had a fab Christmas and that you have a great year in 2005, from JJBDude

Stamped! ^^
Sign back if you feel like it.

Hey thanks for signing my Guestbook^^
so you do like prince of tennis:o
aww that's coolie
then have this

Hi! I'm Lacey and I'm new here. I just looking around and saw your name, so I decided to sign your GB and good luck! -Bye-
I`m on a signature rampage right now and I`ll sign your book

So, you my new victim...did I say victim?
I meant signature, yeah


Sign back if you don`t mind
Just thought i'd sign your guestbook, despite the fact that you HAVENT SIGNED MINE! (hint hint) Being the good hearted and selfless soul that I am I will sign reguardless of this fact.
I'd jus thought I'd sign your guestbook cuz I was beginning to feel ignored, so I'll leave you to sign mine, take care...

Oh the stupid pissing idiotic moronic bleeding length thing is so annoying...
hey, i just figured i'd sign you gb before i take an extended leave for god only knows how long. ; well, ttfn! caio! later! (caio's my favorite way to say goodbye ^_~)

Thanks for giving me your banner in my guestbook. It's great.

See you around the forums.

Always good to see a fellow Harry Potter-ian.

The one and only

hehehe i hope you like your stamp

I doubt you seen me in the football forums that often. I hardly ever post there. Oh well. See you around.

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high
Hello, keawjinda, i'm the first onee who sign you woo hoo! Anyway how ya goin'?Hope we could be friends.
cya arround
P.S: i have my stamp but i'm tooo lazy to put it on 6_6