I'm a guy that's driven by ambition. If I need to do something I don't like in order to achieve my goals, I will do it and if I ever falter from that conviction, I will get myself back on track, that's for sure.

Other than that, I'm really inquisitive and tend to think about greater things than myself and my life. I'm a sucker for detail. Everything needs to be just right in my artistic eyes. If I'm inspired, I'm inspired by the global perspective. I make the details, and that's what makes the story worth listening to.

Other than that², I'm a real nice guy. I have the traits of the artist that's never content with his work (perfectionist, pretty much). I also have an ear; I listen to people that need a person to vent to.


I like RPG and JRPG (including visual novels), shooter games (even though I die when spawning), and fighting games. I like to mix up my hobbies a lot so I don't get bored, but I'm really bad at consistency. The things I've gained proficiency in are music, art, and writing. I'm trying other stuff too. The best thing I like about the tech world is that it brings people together and that it makes our lives easier.

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