FC: 4184-2100-3267 IGN: Kari _Wants_: - Shiny 6iv Joltik - Shiny 6iv Goomy _Offers_: - Shiny lv 1 6iv Absol - Shin

4iv Abra x3 x/31/31/31/31 5iv Abra x2 Wanted: - 4/5iv Ditto Preferred x/31/31/31/31 - 4/5iv Ferrothorn - Skarmory

Will trade a Protean Froakie from a HA Politoad

Hey guys! I recently put Kangaskhan on my team and I wasn't sure which moveset works best. Right now this is what I have:

Hey guys I'm looking for a Chansey. No specific nature or perfect IVs (I can do all that on my own time). I can offer a P

Was breeding some Protean Froakies and I got the nature that I wanted. Figured I would trade some away for other pokes I'

After I beat the e4 again I went to look around my room and saw this big space. It looks like some trophies or something woul

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