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Aug 25, 15 5:21am


Now I am aware we have a FAQ section, along with some other informational guide threads out there in the Neoseeker Story of S

May 5, 14 5:13pm
Animal crossing new leaf is seriously addicting....
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Feb 10, 14 1:28pm


Looking for: Kalos-Born Shiny 5-6IV pokemon. Offering: Events & Legendaries (_none of these are kalos born js_) Rai

Oct 20, 13 8:26pm
Hey everyone, sorry for the late news, for anyone who wants to add me on pokemon, please pm me.
Sep 19, 13 2:33am
Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi and wanted to know how is everyone! I see there is a lot of cloners in trading (no me gusta) :P
Aug 24, 13 5:38am
I will be no lifing on FFXIV ARR so I will be inactive on HM & Pokemon related.
Aug 8, 13 4:25pm
PRE-ORDERED Pokemon Y, yeahhhh baby. So excited.
Aug 6, 13 5:04am
If you want me to clone your pokemon, please use the Offical Cloning Thread. That's where I'll noticed things around here,
spo1senorita kalmage136
Aug 5, 13 2:27am
Hey Kal.. lol im really having a hard time getting your attention.. Can we do the trading now? sorry for bothering you..
Aug 4, 13 9:40pm
I rofl'd reading that thread some guy collected all pkmn in W1 and realize there's no reward.
Aug 4, 13 5:53pm
It's not even that, I had unchecked and turned off all the choices in email notif options. And I still get double notif on sub threads.
Aug 4, 13 5:51pm
I dislike the new email notification, until I find out how to get rid of the double notif about sub threads then I'm happy...
Aug 2, 13 3:49am
I'm losing my interest in looking for events from trading forums and rather looking in the shopping district from now on ._.
Aug 1, 13 11:01pm
ughhhh college...so expensive...even if it's just community college.
Jul 30, 13 2:33pm
Hmmm strange, I'm in my living room but my connection is weak when it's usually strong. Something's is technically fishy.
Jul 30, 13 4:52am
OH MY GOD, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I updated the firmware in my DSi 3DS compatible AR to finally work with my 3DS again. Screw you Nintendo.
Jul 29, 13 12:03am
Oh my gosh, pokecheck shout box really cracks me up. ROFL
Jul 27, 13 9:31pm
Why are tasty food so unhealthy, this meatball pepperoni pizza hot pocket is heaven but so much calories D:
Jul 27, 13 7:24pm
Is it bad that I'm completely okay with only UT pokemon, like its EV trained or gain lil exp or a few levels, I get bothered lol.
Jul 27, 13 3:26pm
Why don't people understand, public pokemon are completely worthless unless you're using it for small stuff...
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