Animal crossing new leaf is seriously addicting....

Looking for: Kalos-Born Shiny 5-6IV pokemon. Offering: Events & Legendaries (_none of these are kalos born js_) Rai

Hey everyone, sorry for the late news, for anyone who wants to add me on pokemon, please pm me.
Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi and wanted to know how is everyone! I see there is a lot of cloners in trading (no me gusta) :P
I will be no lifing on FFXIV ARR so I will be inactive on HM & Pokemon related.
PRE-ORDERED Pokemon Y, yeahhhh baby. So excited.
If you want me to clone your pokemon, please use the Offical Cloning Thread. That's where I'll noticed things around here,
Hey Kal.. lol im really having a hard time getting your attention.. Can we do the trading now? sorry for bothering you..
I rofl'd reading that thread some guy collected all pkmn in W1 and realize there's no reward.
It's not even that, I had unchecked and turned off all the choices in email notif options. And I still get double notif on sub threads.
I dislike the new email notification, until I find out how to get rid of the double notif about sub threads then I'm happy...
I'm losing my interest in looking for events from trading forums and rather looking in the shopping district from now on ._.
ughhhh expensive...even if it's just community college.
Hmmm strange, I'm in my living room but my connection is weak when it's usually strong. Something's is technically fishy.
OH MY GOD, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I updated the firmware in my DSi 3DS compatible AR to finally work with my 3DS again. Screw you Nintendo.
Oh my gosh, pokecheck shout box really cracks me up. ROFL
Why are tasty food so unhealthy, this meatball pepperoni pizza hot pocket is heaven but so much calories D:
Is it bad that I'm completely okay with only UT pokemon, like its EV trained or gain lil exp or a few levels, I get bothered lol.
Why don't people understand, public pokemon are completely worthless unless you're using it for small stuff...
Honestly I can't help but die of boredom because certain traders are such slow traders. Like I can multi-task and trade pretty fast. -dead-


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