i own a ps2, xbox, 360, gamecube, DS and GBA. i enjoy adventure games mostly, though i hold a soft spot for halo and red faction II. my current game changes from day to day. for the last month or so, it's been Mravel Ultimate Alliance, Lego Star Wars II and DreamFall.

i'm online for school and on livejournal[dot]com. i lurk around the forums often, either making fun of n00bs or taking detailed notes for later usage.

i'm a hardcore comic book fan. talk to me about comics, books or video games and we'll be b.f.f. before long.


v_games//Harvest Moon. Animal Crossings. Final Fantasy. Kingdom Hearts. Primal. Halo. Red Faction. Burnout Revenge. Legacy of Kain. LEGO Star Wars. X-Men Legends. Zelda. final fantasy iii/xii/x/x-2.

anime.manga//.remote. Hellsing. Haibani Renmei. Chrno Crusade. Fooly Cooly. Abenoshi. Magic Knight Rayearth. CardCapturor Sakura. Samurai Champloo.

comics//Astonishing X-Men. RUNAWAYS. X-Men. Wraithborn. eXiles. Wolverine. Ultimate X-Men. Fray.

tv shows//House M.D. Lost. The Simpsons. Without a Trace. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Futurama. X-Play. Attack of the Show.

movies//Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. X-Men. Spiderman. Hellboy. Sin City. Flight of Dragons. Last Unicorn. My Neighbor Totoro. Spirited Away. Howl's Moving Castle. Princess Mononoke.

books//The Hobbit. Sherloke Holmes. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Speak.


black mageis love.
World of Warcraft Server: Draenor // Name: Rekki

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