Drax of the Dead kaijudo
Jan 7, 11 2:17am
Hey there, just thought i'd drop line. I hope you've achieved that 100% on AC:B, it can be a pain, but a fun pain for sure. Hit my guetbook back if you feel froggy. I'd also like to say i'd love to visit England sometime, what's Kent like?
K8ty kaijudo
Dec 26, 10 11:07pm
Hi, hope you had a lovely day! The hangman game should be back soon. Thought of any New Years' resolutions?

K8ty kaijudo
Apr 27, 09 6:32pm
Hello Kai

Thanks for the guestbook signing. Nice to know you and always good to talk to you.

Take care x

kuje kaijudo
Dec 26, 08 3:28am
Hey just wanted to wish you a merry christmas!

See you around!
Rockin Roxas kaijudo
Nov 2, 08 11:26pm
Hey Big Man!!! haven't sighed your guest book in a while and im bored and can you make me a new sig big man!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Rockin Roxas kaijudo
Jun 2, 08 1:09pm
Well i sighned your guest book happy now! still,yes and plz can u make me a prpper sigh plz.And just to say to things Roxas is Rockin!!!! and Supersmash bros brawl rules!!!!!!!